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Leisure and animal parks

DéfiPlanet' - Dienné - Dienné

Defi’Planet is a 25 ha leisure park, which aims at teaching towards a sustainable development.
The concept is quite unique, as this “edutainment” fun tour aim at increasing children’s and adults’ awareness, conveying essential values, as well as showing the life of 5 ancient villages who used to live in harmony with Nature.
Very well animated, with informative signboards and videos, the park shows an introduction by "Petit Sabot" (litt: Little Hoof), the Mascot of the Path, who helps us to understand environmental issues, our influence on Earth, and how to behave for a better future.

Defi’Planet is divided into 2 mains parts, in order to offer a full "nature day" under a fiction or real mode:
- a poultry farm and 5 recreated villages with their gardens and animals (villages from the "Poitou", Camargue, Berber, Hungary with interactive museums and a village from Mongolia). "Petit Sabot" will show you how man has transformed his daily life in less than 50 years and the consequences on our future.
- The magic world of elves, where they will raise questions about the ways of living today and the emergency to change them in order to reach to a healthier Planet. After getting all the clues to improve your behaviour, you will reach the “Door of the Future” where interactive kiosks will have calculated your "Carbon Footprint".