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The Valley of the Monkeys ©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle
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Rabbid at Futuroscope Park ©Pomme verte-LibelLab
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Angles-sur-l'Anglin, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France ©Loïc Lagarde

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Tornado hunters at the Futuroscope Park in Poitiers ©Parc du Futuroscope-Gloryparis-D_LAMING_ARCHITECTE

Futuroscope Park

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Terra Aventura route ©Momentum Productions Mickael PLANES

Terra Aventura

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Sunset over the City of Writing in Montmorillon ©Loïc LAGARDE

Destination: Vienna

La Vienne reveals all its faces to you, a department full of character! Which destination will you choose first?

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Where is the Poitou located?

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In the center west of France

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dragon - Tourism Vienna
The Grand'goule statue in Poitiers ©Agence Zébrelle – Tom Lambert
The Poitou Dragon

Grand'Gouleis the name of a dragon from Poitou mythology. The beast would have lived in the 6th century, in the meanders of the river Clain. When the waters rose, the monster entered the labyrinthine caves that crossed the ground and often visited the basements of the Sainte-Croix abbey...

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From April 08 to June 30
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June 01
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June 02
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June 02
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From June 02 to June 04
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From June 02 to June 04
Open doors
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From June 02 to June 04
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June 03
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