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50 Activities to do as a Family
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Vélorail in Chauvigny ©LibelLab
Discovering local specialties
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Local specialties from Poitou ©Ludovic Plault & Moulin de la glacière
The Small Cities of Character of the Vienne
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aerial view of Lusignan ©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

Beautiful Spring Holidays in the Vienne

New for 2022 at Futuroscope: Tornado Hunters ©S.LAVAL-VLMY-R.Gloryparis-Parc du FUTUROSCOPE

Futuroscope Park

Organize your stay, discover the new attractions, find all the practical information.

City Hall of Poitiers ©CRTNA

Visit Poitiers in 10 steps

Poitiers reveals all its faces to you! Which activities will you choose to start with first?

Expériences Famille ©Pomme Verte – Amélie R. Photographies

In mode Expériences Famille

Tired of activities where parents yawn and children stamp their feet? “ Expériences Famille » is here to save you from boredom!

New 2024 Antarctica ©Fturoscope – Antarctica

New Products of the Year

2024 offers lovers of travel and discovery a dazzling range of unique experiences in the Vienne.

Find here places you should not miss while visiting Vienne!

Must seens

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Can you tell us how many Visitors the Futuroscope Park has welcomed since its opening in 1987?

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60 million

Did you know ?
Popular theater in Chatellerault ©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle
“What have we done to the good Lord? “

Philippe de Chauveron, director of the film “What have we done to the good Lord? », chose the Blossac theater à Chatellerault to shoot a scene from 3nd opus: The Verneuils' son-in-law, Charles, is hired to play Jesus in a play. 

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Here are the events you should not miss

The events…

The 19 April
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The 19 April
marche notre dame 2023 1 c sandrine duvignac - Tourism Vienne
The 19 April
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The 19 April
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The 19 April
Local events
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The 19 April
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The 19 April
Local events
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The 19 April
Heritage animation
La Sanguine de Richelieu exhibition - Tourism Vienne
The 19 April
exhibition the old castle - Tourism Vienne
The 20 April
coping 23 24 page 0 - Tourism Vienne