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Your autumn weekends and All Saints’ Day holidays
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Pinail Nature Reserve ©Agence Zebrelle
Top 15 must-sees in Vienne
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The Valley of the Monkeys ©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle
10 towns & villages of character
Sunset over the City of Writing in Montmorillon ©Loïc LAGARDE

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New for 2022 at Futuroscope: Tornado Hunters ©S.LAVAL-VLMY-R.Gloryparis-Parc du FUTUROSCOPE

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Challenge the laws of balance in Chauvigny ©Pomme-verte

34 family activities

No more activities just for children where parents are bored! Find the selection Expériences Famille.

Market square in Poitiers ©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

Visit Poitiers in 10 steps

Poitiers reveals all its faces to you! Which activities will you choose first?

Terra Adventure ©ACAP

Geocaching: Tèrra Aventura

Put on your favorite sneakers for an original 2.0 walk or bike ride. More than 40 treasure hunts await you!

Find here places you should not miss while visiting Vienne!

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One of the 6 original copies of Manneken Pis from Brussels is located in Poitiers… Can you tell us where?

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at the police station

Did you know?
A blue bicycle
The Blue Bicycle

The writer Régine DEFORGES is from Montmorillon, in the Vienne. Famous around the world thanks to his saga “The Blue Bicycle”, she contributed to the creation of Book Fair and the City of Books and Writing Professions.

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The events…

September 23
Local events
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September 23
Local events
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September 23
Local events
nature and environment vienne 2023 - Tourism Vienne
September 23
Nature leisure
nature 2 2 - Tourism Vienne
September 23
Local events
Martin's walk - Tourism Vienne
September 23
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September 23
Local events
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September 23
Nature leisure
2023 09 23 wetlands exit st chartres - Tourism Vienne
From September 23 to September 24
expo st pierre - Tourism Vienne