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Domaine des Vignes Hautes - Maisonneuve

  • Domaine des Vignes Hautes
  • Domaine des Vignes Hautes
  • Domaine des Vignes Hautes
  • Domaine des Vignes Hautes

Tour of the wine cellar and vineyard with an explanation of how the wine and apéritif drinks are made.

The Domaine des Vigne Hautes, in the Haut-Poitou AOC wine-growing region, covers an area of 28 hectares. Independent winemaker Philippe Rolland, has remained true to his roots, sharing with visitors his passion for what he does.

Philippe turns part of his production into wine, and last year, in addition to his range of traditional wines he began making some rather unusual apéritif drinks with surprising flavours. Philippe has no end of imagination, inventing unique recipes containing wine, spices and fresh fruit. He creates some amazing mixtures, such as red wine, strawberry and paprika, which is proving extremely popular at the local farmers' markets.

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