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Marmande Castle - Vellèches

  • Château de Marmande
  • Château de Marmande
  • Château de Marmande
  • Château de Marmande
  • Château de Marmande

Marmande Castle is a medieval fortress situated on the border of Touraine and Poitou.
Classified Historical Monument in 2015, historians and archaeologists study it from all angles to try to unravel its mysteries. Who built it ? The fairy Melusine as the legend says? What did it look like in the Middle Ages? Why these graffiti of knights on the walls? Come discover the soul of an authentic place in the past still largely unknown. The owners will tell you this story during a visit of about an hour long. You will also be able to walk along a meadow path among butterflies, grasshoppers and wildflowers.
In the barn viewing several films about the castle and nature all around, as well as an exhibition on archeology. Games, costumed photos, homemade shortbread and drinks will also be offered.

The 4 pm visit is particularly aimed at families with children in a suitable course & every Friday afternoon at 4 pm a workshop is offered to families. "Invent your coat of arms" After discovering the coats of arms designed in the tower, you will discover the symbols used in heraldry in order to invent the coat of arms that best represents you & your family !

Special entertainment on Saturday, August 3 from 20h till midnight. As part of the European night of moths, a nocturnal papillonnade is organized with the accompaniment of ‘’Vienna Nature association’’. Make a participatory inventory of moths: attract them, photograph them, identify them and release them. Also night walk.
The full moon feast on Thursday, August 15th. A festive evening in the light of the moon with round pancakes and crepes, throwing lanterns if the weather permits and other animations. Any outfit accepted.
Upcoming European Heritage Days so called ‘’Journées Européennes du Patrimoine’’  21 & 22 September & also the Science Festival on 5 and 6 October. Detailed program on the website.


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