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Château de Gencay - Gençay

  • Château de Gencay
  • Château de Gencay
  • Château de Gencay
  • Château de Gencay

The 18th Century fortress was strategically built on this rocky cliff overlooking the Belle and Clouère Rivers which proved to be an ideal, naturally defensive location. A prime example of medieval architecture where everything is arranged for defence and attack. With its small fortified castle at the entrance to the main château, curtain walls, and towers, the château made full use of the natural defences and was virtually impregnable. Recently rebuilt, the drawbridge once again connects the town to its the fortifications.

Nearby : Belle Floral Garden and Château de la Roche at Magné, also the Romanesque church and Château de Galmoisin in Saint Maurice la Clouère

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