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Priory Church of Notre-Dame - Château-Larcher

  • Église Prieurale Notre-Dame
  • Église Prieurale Notre-Dame

The Church, once the château's chapel incorporated into the fortifications, still has its 12th century walls. A defence tower was added during the 14th century, which allowed access to the bell tower. There are two high-relieves on either side of the altar. A monumental pulpit, sculpted by the Cistercian monks from the Chârelliers Abbey in St. Maixent has replaced the original one destroyed by a fire during the French Revolution.

See as well: the château's postern, the two exceptional towers which guarded the only entrance to the château until 1569, the Arlait Dolmen, and the lantern for the dead in the middle of the cemetery.

Nearby : Vivonne (a tourist village stop) and the Belle à Magné Floral Garden.

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