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Châtellerault State Forest - Châtellerault

  • Forêt domaniale de Châtellerault
  • Forêt domaniale de Châtellerault
  • Forêt domaniale de Châtellerault

This state-owned forest just outside the town of Châtellerault covers an area of some 530 hectares. Much of the forest is made up of English oaks which are today in a very poor state of health and even dying because they are ill-suited to the local soils and climate. The new forestry management scheme therefore plans to replace them with sessile oaks and pines. The conservation of old areas of dead woodland, restoration of ponds and maintenance of an area of ageing trees are all part of the process of maintaining a forest with a rich biodiversity.

Another important issue is accessibility to the public, given that the forest is so close to the town. Visitors can explore this important nature area along walking and riding trails, with tables and an arboretum of more than 60 tree varieties.

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