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Posthouse Stables - Ormes (Les)

  • La Poste aux Chevaux
  • La Poste aux Chevaux
  • La Poste aux Chevaux
  • La Poste aux Chevaux

The family-run Post House at Ormes is listed as a Historical Monument. Inaugurated in 1764 by Count Argenson, the Post House at Ormes is considered as one of the most remarkable in France for its size as well as its architecture. Vast, with approximately 70 metres on one side, the site corresponds to the plan of a typical Post House : majestic entrance on a driveway leading to a vast courtyard around which are located the buildings, the saddlery and the coachman's house; on the left and right of the courtyard, living quarters and hotel business, the large stables and the two smaller ones. The roof of the large stables holds the feed for the horses. In the centre of the courtyard stands a huge basin for water to refresh or bathe the horses. The courtyard and stables are open for visits. Nearby: the rock museum, a part of which traces the Acadian history, and the Ormes castle from the 17th century.

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