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Château de Masseuil - Quinçay

  • Château de Masseuil
  • Construction of Masseuil Castle began in 1443 following a joint agreement between the chapter of Saint Hilary the Great, the inhabitants of Masseuil and René of Anjou, king of Jerusalem and Sicily. This is documented in a treaty signed on 7 April 1443.

    The castle enabled Saint Hilary, who at the time was at the height of his influence, to provide a safe haven for his most vulnerable people and property. The castle originally consisted of a vast walled enclosure surrounded by a deep moat, a fortified gate with a drawbridge, and buildings inside to house the people.

    The castle was demolished in around 1580 and rebuilt shortly afterwards. Two of the wall towers are the original ones (15th century) and are listed as a Historical Monument.

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