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DéfiPlanet' in Dienné: the Leisure Park - Dienné

Defi’Planet is a 25 ha leisure park, which aims at teaching towards a sustainable development.
The concept is quite unique, as this “edutainment” fun tour aim at increasing children’s and adults’ awareness, conveying essential values, as well as showing the life of 5 ancient villages who used to live in harmony with Nature.
Very well animated, with informative signboards and videos, the park shows an introduction by "Petit Sabot" (litt: Little Hoof), the Mascot of the Path, who helps us to understand environmental issues, our influence on Earth, and how to behave for a better future.

Defi’Planet is divided into 2 mains parts, in order to offer a full "nature day" under a fiction or real mode:
- a poultry farm and 5 recreated villages with their gardens and animals (villages from the "Poitou", Camargue, Berber, Hungary with interactive museums and a village from Mongolia). "Petit Sabot" will show you how man has transformed his daily life in less than 50 years and the consequences on our future.
- The magic world of elves, where they will raise questions about the ways of living today and the emergency to change them in order to reach to a healthier Planet. After getting all the clues to improve your behaviour, you will reach the “Door of the Future” where interactive kiosks will have calculated your "Carbon Footprint".

You can come in until 3pm from october to march and 4pm from april to september.

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DéfiPlanet' : le parc
DéfiPlanet' à Dienné
86410 Dienné

Tel. : 05 49 45 87 63
Fax : 05 49 54 17 96
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DéfiPlanet' : le parc

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Daily: 9am-7pm. Closed from 4 January to 5 February inclusive and some Mondays and Tuesdays in low season.