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The little world of Isis and Hétaïre - Saint-Martin-la-Pallu

  • Le petit monde d'Isis et Hétaïre
  • Le petit monde d'Isis et Hétaïre
  • Le petit monde d'Isis et Hétaïre
  • Le petit monde d'Isis et Hétaïre

Hello! We are Isis and Hétaïre, two Poitou donkeys who want to be your friends.
What is the difference between a Poitou donkey and a normal donkey? What kind of fish will you find in the Étangs de Saint-Martin? Come with us to explore the fauna, flora and countryside of the Mirebalais!

Follow the trail featuring 15 fun, illustrated panels that take you around the Étangs de Saint-Martin at Varennes.

You are free to go as you please, but what not take up our challenge? Solve all the riddles and write the answers in the grid on the handout, available to download and from the Mirebalais Tourist Office. If you crack the secret code and bring the answer to the Mirebalais Tourist Office you’ll get a small reward. Don’t forget to go through the enclosure before you set off!

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