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Espace Mendès-France - Poitiers

  • Espace Mendès France
  • Espace Mendès France
  • Espace Mendès France
  • Espace Mendès France
  • Espace Mendès France
  • Espace Mendès France
  • Espace Mendès France
  • Espace Mendès France

The Espace Mendes France Museum owes its origins to the iniatives of some researchers of the University of Poitiers and la Rochelle, various research organisations, and the city of Poitiers, the Poitou-Charentes region, and the National ministries of research and education.

The activites of the centre are primarily characterised by diversity. Temporary exhibitions cover a large field, scientific investigation, development, evolutuion ... also there is a lot of attention given to health, astronomy, IT, and bioethics.

The Espace Mendès-France is unique in France. The multimedia area is particularly attractive to those involved in education, because of its original and artistic presentations.

The ADN School of Poitou-Charentes is a place of initiation, information and debate on the ongoing process of science and life. It favours a hands-on approach and experimentation, offering scientific workshops open to everyone.

There is still work on paper, however. Atlantic editions publishes about fifteen books. Every trimester thousands of readers await the appearance of the Actualité Poitou-Charentes, a review of research and innovation, heritage and invention.

The institution is managed by an Association : La Maison de la Sciences et des Techniques, which owes a great deal to voluntary contributions, which in this way makes for a lively Association.

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