Come celebrate Music

Today it's party music ! A day dedicated to the celebration of this universal art that touches everyone.

Lively streets in crowded squares, melodies that resonate everywhere, carried by voices and instruments of all kinds. Rock, jazz, classical, French song, world music... The diversity of styles reflects the richness of musical creation.

Over Sound Festival ©Marion Valiere Loudiyi - Agence Zebrelle

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Friday June 21 2024

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Along the sound in Civray©Marion VALIERE-LOUDIY – Agence ZebrelleI

Over the Sound

Since 20 years, the son festival in  Civray, a major musical event in the department, is a feast for the eyes and especially the ears of the 25 27 2024 July with a top program mixing headliners and discoveries.
Don't miss this moment!

Over Sound Festival
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