Come and move around Vienne

You plan to come to the Vienne ? Many transport options are available to you: by car, by train, by bus, by plane, by bike and even Strolling along !

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Prepare your stay in the Vienne

Plan to come to the Vienne, is to plan to dive into a dazzling historical, cultural and natural heritage, all in the heart of western France. Three and a half hours from Paris and less than two hours from Bordeaux by car, this region is a real invitation to travel!
La Vienne is also the cradle of Poitiers, former regional capital of the former Poitou-Charentes region, which remains today one of the leading cultural destinations in New Aquitaine.
The floor of the Vienne has seen the footsteps of many famous people such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Jeanne D'Arc, René Descartes or, Francois Rabelais. It's your turn to go a long way!

The Department of Vienne is easily accessible by car thanks to thehighway A10 which crosses it or still in train with the LGV line (between Paris-Bordeaux). You also have the possibility of coming by plane and will land atPoitiers-Biard Airport.

How to come to the Vienne ? 

1. By car

Almost halfway between Paris and Bordeaux, the Vienne is crossed by the A10 motorway.

From Poitiers:
   • Paris: 3h30 (A10) • Nantes: 2h
   • Bordeaux: 2h30 (A10) • Angers: 2h
   • Tours: 1 hour (A10) • Limoges: 2 hours
   • La Rochelle: 1h40 (A10)

For visitors to Futuroscope, the “Futuroscope” motorway exit from the A10 gives you direct access to the Park. Are you traveling by electric car? find here the various charging stations of the Department of Vienne.

2. By train

A stone's throw from the historic center of Poitiers, the Poitiers train station is an essential point of arrival and departure for traveling through France.

• Paris Montparnasse – Poitiers: 1h15 by direct TGV
• Bordeaux – Poitiers: 55 min by direct TGV
• Lyon – Poitiers: 4h15
• Lille – Poitiers: 3h15

La Futuroscope TGV station gives you direct access to the Futuroscope theme park: when you arrive, a shuttle runs between Futuroscope TGV station and hotels around the Park, a service provided by the city bus network “ Vitalis ". The pricing applied to the shuttle is that of the Vitalis network.

To be informed about all the trains serving Poitiers and its surroundings, find out directly on the SNCF website. 

3. By plane

La Vienne has an airport located in Biard, 10 minutes from downtown Poitiers. Several lines are provided all year round:

   • London Stansted – Poitiers 
   • Barcelona – Poitiers
   • Edinburgh – Poitiers

To find all the practical information concerning the details of the flights of Poitiers-Biard airport, consult the website.

4. By bus

   • The service Flixbus allows bus travel from many cities to Poitiers
   •   blablabus also offers trips to Poitiers.

How to get around Poitiers?

1. From the airport to the city center 

  • By taxi : once you have arrived at Poitiers-Biard airport, booking a taxi can be a convenient option for getting around quickly and with peace of mind. 

   •   Gie Radio Taxi : 05 49 88 12 34
   • Taxi Poitiers: 06 08 73 54 54
   • Franck Pilot Poitiers: 06 81 72 37 05 –
   • Braquet Alain Poitiers: 06 98 20 91 05
   • Taxi François Poitiers: 06 58 20 05 95

Find all the taxis directly on the website ofPoitiers-Biard airport.

  • By renting a vehicle : in the lobby of the Poitiers-Biard airport, you can rent a car to allow you to move around the Vienne.

   •   SIXT : +33 (0)1 70 97 61 11
   •   Europcar : +33 (0) 5 49 58 25 34
   •   Reviews : +33 (0) 5 49 58 13 00
   •   rent-a-car company : +33 (0) 5 49 31 36 16  

2. From the city center to the Futuroscope Park

Go easily to the park of the Futuroscope for an unusual stay! Here are the different ways to arrive safely at the park:

   •   By train : a TER line makes a regular connection in less than 10 minutes from the station with a departure at least every hour. Meeting on

   •   By bus : bus lines n°1 and 21 (line E on Sundays) of the Vitalis network connect the city center of Poitiers and the Futuroscope theme park. Consult the timetables and stops on the website of Vitalis.

   •   By car : the entrance to the Futuroscope park is located in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, 20 minutes from downtown. Good to know, a electric car charging station is available free of charge in the park car park.

3. From the station to Poitiers and its surroundings

When you arrive at Poitiers train station, you have several options for getting to Poitiers and its surroundings. Here are the main means of transport available to you:

   • Join Us the city center “the plateau”  Strolling along : if the weather permits and you are not carrying a lot of luggage, you can reach the “plateau” on foot by taking the stairs (141 steps). The trip usually takes around 5-20 minutes depending on your destination address.

   •  By taxi : just outside the station you will find a taxi stand. Taxis are a convenient and quick way to get to the city center and its surroundings.

   •   Gie Radio Taxi : 05 49 88 12 34
   • Association of taxi artisans of Poitiers: 05 49 01 10 01

   •  By bus: The Poitiers bus networkVitalis” is well developed and offers several lines serving the station and the city center of Poitiers and its surroundings. You will find bus stops near the station, and timetables are usually posted at the stops or available online.

 •   By renting a vehicle : If you prefer to drive yourself, many car rental agencies are present in Poitiers. You can reserve a vehicle in advance online or directly at the station;

   •   SIXT : +33 (0)1 70 97 61 11
   •   Europcar : +33 (0) 5 49 58 25 34
   •   Reviews : +33 (0) 5 49 58 13 00
   •   rent-a-car company : +33 (0) 5 49 31 36 16  
   •   Hertz : +33 (0) 5 49 58 24 24

Travel by public transport 

Getting around without a car to visit Poitiers and its surroundings is possible! Bus and TER lines help you travel in peace or try carpooling.

Organize your trip here Vienne, discover the different possible means of transport for the same trip (bus, train, bike, on foot) and estimate the time and cost of your trip.

   •   By bus
17 bus lines regularly serve the 4 corners of the department and 4 summer lines connect the 8 destinations of the Vienne. Book your trip on the Ticket Modalis mobile application or by calling the Nouvelle-Aquitaine transport service on 0970 870 870 (non-surcharged call). You can also buy your bus ticket directly from the driver.
For a trip by bus in the urban area of ​​Poitiers, go to the website of Vitalis, the city's transport network.

   •   By train
3 TER lines cross the Vienne : 1 line linking Châtellerault to Saint-Saviol, 1 line serving Poitiers-Montmorillon and 1 line on the Poitiers-Rouillé axis. Discover all the cities served here and book your trip here.

Prepare your stay in Poitiers and its surroundings

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