New 2023 at Parc du Futuroscope

The Futuroscope park, north of the town of Poitiers , stock up on new products for 2023! A attraction, a themed hotel and restaurant have emerged for the day for an even more total immersion during your stay.

Let's take a tour of these three new nuggets, which you will let us know about!

New for 2022 at Futuroscope: Tornado Hunters ©S.LAVAL-VLMY-R.Gloryparis-Parc du FUTUROSCOPE

Spark: The Curse of the Black Opal

French superheroes are given pride of place in this new attraction, after being censored in 1949 by the public authorities because they were deemed too violent.  

Follow the adventures of Alice and Teddy after the latter borrows a costume to go to a dance competition...

Etincelle, the French superheroine©Futuroscope

Tornado Chasers: A Vibrant New Attraction

The name of the novelty speaks for itself: you'll take on the tornadoes! Two specialized scientists will tell you about their research on these intriguing and fascinating phenomena. One of them, Alex, thinks he has developed a vehicle capable of entering the eye of a tornado, in complete safety… Did he succeed?

You will quickly find out, as a giant tornado, larger than life, will swoop down on Futuroscope at the same moment! Prepare to be messed up by the strong winds that will blow in your direction… Hang on!

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Écolodgee, a parenthesis "alone in the world" at Futuroscope!

Sleep in the heart of nature
In 2023, still with the ambition of becoming a place of stay in its own right, Futuroscope is playing the innovation card. The Park creates a themed village of family lodges, immersed in nature and

On the wooded shores of a one-hectare lake, 120 lodges, all equipped with a terrace, await you from July 8th. And if it were you ?  

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Ecolodgee hotel at the Futuroscope park©J.Rougerie-Tangram-C.Archimbaud architecte-So Images-Futuroscope

The Hotel Station Cosmos: go to Kepler-442 b!

Now travel to 2190, to Kepler-442 b, an exoplanet beyond our solar system. Research has uncovered a plant species capable of producing infinitely renewable energy! The hotel serves as a huge space exploration base.
You will play as members of the crew During your stay. On board your cabin, everything is exotic: the colours, the atmosphere, the technology... You control the equipment via a digital tablet, for optimal comfort.

The Space Loop Restaurant: visual and taste experience

Have you dreamed of dishes that arrive directly on your plate, as if by magic? Futuroscope did it! Order your meal quietly on a digital tablet before it lands from huge rails above your head. Watch it come to you with loops and swirls!

Ce restaurant straight from the future is an original complement to your stay in the space base of the Hotel Station Cosmos.

Space Loop Restaurant at Futuroscope©Bastien SAUVE, – Agence Zebrelle

Do you want to discover these three novelties? Find all the essentials for organize your holidays at Futuroscope.