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Approach! Listen to our advices for the the best experiences in Vienneto live unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Whether it's a nature, origianl, fun, gourmet or festive activity, find happiness for your next vacation. Use the search filters to find a real gem.

Mothe-Chandeniers Castle ©Loïc Lagarde
Hike Lama with Belle Anée in Jazeneuil ©Pomme-verte

Today, we present to you an unusual walk: the "Lama'Rando". The principle ? Explore the paths of the country …

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The Valley of the Monkeys ©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle
Accessible to disabled persons Accessible by stroller

When you have children, going to meet animals is an activity that is sure to please. Located in Romagna, 50 …

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Forest bath Agence Zebrelle Thomas JELINEK 2930 - Tourism Vienne ©Thomas Jelinek – Agence-Zebrelle

Jardin Passion Nature takes you through the forest areas of the Vienne for a “Forest Bath”: a moment of…

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Castle of Montreuil-Bonnin ©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

For 160 years, the Château de Montreuil-Bonnin has belonged to the family of Isabelle Dupont de Beaucorps. Restore, animate...

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Aperitif - local products from Poitou at the Moulin de la Glacière ©Ludovic Plault & Moulin de la glacière

Wines, cheeses, ducks, jams, beer, oil… Quality local products, worked by producers…

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Moncontour washhouse trails, Tèrra Aventura ©Tom LAMBERT – Agence Zébrelle

The Moncontour washhouse path has several surprises in store, in the heart of a picturesque village, crossed by several…

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Kolyma, sled dogs ©Bastien SAUVE – Agence Zebrelle

In the Vienne, sports activities abound! Whether you are a perfect amateur or a sports lover you…

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Take part in this annual event on October 19! The Grand Repas brings together the inhabitants of the Vienne and self-visitors…

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Canoe trip on the Clain Les Pagayous Green Apple LibelLab 12729 - Tourism Vienne ©Pomme Verte – Libellab

La Vienne is your next vacation destination if you dream of a stay of a few days, between rivers and…

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Mosaic workshop ©Pomme Verte
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Stay at Futuroscope, Poitiers ©Pomme verte-LibelLab
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Approach! We can advise you the most beautiful experiences of Vienne...

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Approach! We can advise you the most beautiful experiences of Vienne...

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