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Approach! Listen to our advices for the the best experiences in Vienneto live unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Whether it's a nature, origianl, fun, gourmet or festive activity, find happiness for your next vacation. Use the search filters to find a real gem.

Mothe-Chandeniers Castle ©Loïc Lagarde
Pont Henri IV in Chatellerault Agency for creativity and attractiveness in Poitou 493 - Tourism Vienne ©ACAP

On the road to Futuroscope, make a stopover in Châtellerault. This city with a rich past is a privileged stopover for…

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Domaine de Roiffe ©Domaine de Roiffé

The north of the Vienne conceals many nuggets, including the Domaine de Roiffé, a complex with multiple facets. Accommodation, r…

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Goat's Cheese Vienne ©CG86

It was by pure chance that we bought a new type of tourist guide: “Vélo & Fromage…

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Course in the trees at DéfiPlanet ©Sébastien LAVAL

Looking for activities for your children aged 4 to 12? We offer you a top 50 activities to keep you busy…

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Medieval Fair of Chateau Larcher Agence Zebrelle Bastien SAUVE 12783 - Tourism Vienne

Nestled in the Poitevin region, discover the charming village of Château-Larcher and its historical remains. Over the years…

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MIAF071 - Tourism Vienne ©Pomme-verte-libellab

Located south of Châtellerault, the town of Cenon-sur-Vienne welcomes lovers of nature and family relaxation…

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In the footsteps of Pagayou ©Films et Images

Shaped by the waters of the 3 rivers that cross its territory, Vivonne is a dynamic town in the Pays du Futuros…

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Dunes in Poitiers ©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

Winter is a pleasant season in Poitiers, its oceanic climate means that it is rather …

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The islands of Payré ©ACAP

Notice to nature lovers: discover the Îles de Payré, the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities. Located…

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Ecolaby vs. Cradolaby ©
Expériences Famille
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Mothe-Chandeniers Castle ©ACAP
La Mothe-Chandeniers
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Children posing with the Rabbits Cétins mascot. ©Pomme Verte – Libellab
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