Theme park

Chouette Land

Chouette Land is an amusement park for children from 2 to 12 years old. The park is made up of giant inflatable structures, tubular structures where children can jump, climb, crawl and exert themselves in complete safety. The covered premises of nearly 1000m² is air-conditioned and an open-air space is dedicated to karting (fleet of 24 kartings).

You can quench your thirst on an open-air terrace. Chouette Land provides companions, magazines and board games. It is possible to organize birthdays for children, festive evenings for individuals, works councils, schools and leisure centres.

The inflatable structures can also be rented for village festivals, schools, companies, town halls, associations and individuals.
Please note: socks required.

Owl Land
6 Rue de la Croix de la Cadoue