Park / garden

Les Bois de Saint-Pierre

The Bois de Saint-Pierre, in Smarves, is a forest property acquired by the City of Poitiers, in a rural area, 8 km from the city center. The Domaine des Bois de Saint-Pierre is a leisure center that respects the natural character of the site.

Covering a total area of ​​approximately 248 hectares, the property comprises two distinct parts: a developed area and a wild area.

The developed area, 75 hectares, is made up of a 5 ha animal park with 250 animals, an outdoor center that can accommodate more than 400 children, outdoor swimming pools (open in summer), a pony -club, plains and playgrounds, picnic areas and water features including a 2 ha pond.

The wild area is reserved for walking with 8 km of footpaths. The forest, mainly made up of oaks and chestnut trees, is fully respected here.


Conditions of visit: Free tour