At the water's edge

Tèrra Aventura : La Grande Buée


Tèrra Aventura, the free treasure hunt, accessible to all!

A former fortress built around 1040, the Dungeon of Moncontour is a real treasure, made famous by the wars and sieges that have been repeated there over the centuries. Following Zéïdon, you will pass at the foot of the keep, stroll through the village and along the banks of the Dive.
If the weather is favourable, Zabdo recommends that you take your bathing suits and beach towels to enjoy the activities offered at Lake Moncontour.

Charming 2,5 km walk.

Practical information

French, English, Spanish
Pets welcome
Game difficulty 2 out of 5
2-3 km

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Further information

Location: In the countryside, Accessible on foot from the tourist office, By the lake or body of water, By the river, In the village
Terrain difficulty Tèrra Aventura : Level 2
Practice modes Tèrra Aventura : Walking
Facilities: Picnic area, Bar, Games area, Car park, Coach parking, Restaurant
Tèrra Aventura : The Great Buee