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Tèrra Aventura : La sorcière des troglo’


Tèrra Aventura, the free treasure hunt, accessible to all!

What impresses the most when arriving in Saint-Rémy-sur Creuse is its chalk cliff overlooking the Creuse valley, riddled with troglodytes probably inhabited since the Magdalenian period.

It was in 1189 that Richard Coeur de Lion founded the town. The caves served as protection during invasions, notably those of the French when Saint-Rémy depended on the crown of England. They were then occupied by weavers.
You will meet Zellé there who will tell you the legend of the witch of the cellars.

Nice 2 km walk.

Practical information

French, English
Pets welcome
Game difficulty 3 out of 5
0-2 km

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Further information

Location: In the countryside, In the village
Terrain difficulty Tèrra Aventura : Level 3
Practice modes Tèrra Aventura : Walking
Facilities: Parking
Tèrra Aventura : The troglodyte witch
50-52 D5