Guided tour of town, village

Histoire Médiévale et Légende la Fée Mélusine


The association Les Lusignan et Mélusine promotes the historical, legendary and monumental heritage of the city of Lusignan, by offering permanent and temporary exhibitions dedicated to:

- the history of the lords of Lusignan, lords of Poitou, who became Counts of La Marche and Angoulême, and owned a territory covering half of central-western France. The crusades and the chances of history led them to become kings of Jerusalem, Cyprus and Armenia,
- the history of the castle (model) and of the city which retains a rich architectural heritage, the legend of the Fairy Mélusine (slideshow), its origin and its symbols.

- Guided tours of Lusignan
- Conferences on themes related to the Middle Ages
- Outings to sites linked to the history of the Lusignan family and the legend


Conditions of visit: Free tour

Further information

Location: Near a national road
Medieval History and Legend of the Fairy Mélusine
André Leo Center
Lease Square