Îlot Tison

Since the summer of 2018, the old sawmill on the Tison island has offered a new place for relaxation, walking and entertainment on the banks of the Clain, connected by a floating footbridge.
It was one of the last industrial wastelands. The desire was to make it a haven for walks, naps and picnics by the water.
The floating walkway is almost invisible to give walkers the feeling of walking on water. Benches installed all along serve as a belvedere in the middle of the watercourse. Extended by a pontoon, the footbridge serves as a landing stage. It connects the 3 Cités and Mérigotte districts to the city centre.
Developed and shaded banks at the edge of the water, allow the relaxation of the walkers.
Facing Île Jouteau, the sawmill, abandoned more than 30 years ago, comes back to life, thanks to activities and cultural events throughout the year.

Further information

Location: By the river, In the city center
Services : Playground
Facilities: Accessible by stroller, Picnic area, Playground or space, Bar cafeteria tea room, Restaurant
Tison Island
3 chemin du Tison