Tèrra Aventura : Les Nouveaux Z’Ingénieurs


Tèrra Aventura, the free treasure hunt, accessible to all!

Isle Jourdain has been inhabited since at least the 4th century. Its name comes from the Lord Jordan who had built a fortress in the 11th-12th century, on a rocky islet located in the middle of La Vienne.

With Zouti you can admire the viaduct (300m long and 40m high) spanning the valley, as well as the Saint-Sylvain bridge, an essential passage for centuries between Limousin and Poitou.

Adorable 3 km walk.

Practical information

Pets welcome
Game difficulty 3 out of 5
3-5 km

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Accessible all year round and 24 hours a day

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Further information

Location: In the countryside, Accessible on foot from the Tourist Office, By the river, In the village, In the town center
Terrain difficulty Tèrra Aventura : Level 3
Practice modes Tèrra Aventura : Walking
Facilities: Picnic area, Bar, Games area, Restaurant