Baptême de l’air en parapente à moteur


Comfortably installed in the trolley of the two-seater paramotor with the instructor of the flight school, you will be able to admire during the flight the valley of the Vienne, the town of Chauvigny with its rich medieval heritage, its quarries and the surrounding hilly and wooded plains.

You will fly over the upper town of Chauvigny and see from the sky the imposing donjn of Gouzon and the remains of the castle walls. You will also see the town of Bonnes and the castle of Touffou with its double keep.

Young and old can come and fly! To do your first flight, you must be at least 1m10 tall and weigh less than 120kg. All paramotor flights are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

First flight in a motorized paraglider
Aerodrome Patrice Found Les Châtaigniers