Lake / site and fishing course

Grand Plan d’Eau de la Puye


Located near the town center, the large pond of La Puye is an ideal site for family fishing and for enthusiasts. Its ease of access and its density of fish make it a site conducive to the discovery of fishing.

You can practice various techniques of coarse fishing, fishing with the "big cane", "Feeder", "English", but also carp fishing during the day, "at the post" or with the "big cane ". You can also try out various predator fishing techniques (lures, live fish, dead fish, etc.) from May 1st.

The Federation authorizes the practice of fishing on the lake of La Puye, on the one and only condition of respecting the regulations below.

Mandatory federal fishing license. To obtain the card, see the website

Large body of water in La Puye
Carthauderie Road
86260 LA PUYE