5 tips for a successful visit to the Vallée des Singes

Now Valley of the Monkeys, we always have a great time in the company of our primate friends in the heart of a lush nature. To be sure not to forget anything and to take full advantage of this beautiful day of visit, approach here… we whisper in your ear some tips and recommendations.

Family at the Valley of the Monkeys ©Thomas JELINEK - Agence Zebrelle

1. Plan a day visit

La recommended minimum duration to visit the whole park is 4 hour minimum. The ideal way to miss nothing of this great experience is a whole day. Unique moments are offered to you throughout the visit, it would be a shame to miss them!

Among the novelties, follow Kaya's Adventure, this puzzle trail which takes you for 1h30 in search of his family with the help of the monkeys. She is among the Expériences famille, voted favorite of 2022.

The Valley of the Apes©ACAP

2. Participate in a feeding

A moment that will never be forgotten. Visit the park and take part in one of the primate feedings organized by the park. A moment of sharing, information and anecdotes between monkeys, keepers and visitors. You can check the feeding times here.

3. Respect animals

The pets are not allowed within the park so as not to disturb the monkeys. As for the residents of the park, we must not not pet them or feed them apart from the feeding sessions organized by the park.

4. Provide a bag that closes

And yes, our friends the monkey friends are quite pranksters. Before your visit, remember to take bags that can be closed, and throughout the visit remember not to leave them open.

Also pay attention to any object that could be stolen from you by our little jokers: sunglasses, caps...

The backpack is strongly recommended for the visit of the Valley of the Monkeys©Filmsetimages.fr

5. Combine your visit with other parks

Once your visit to the Valley of the Monkeys is over, there are still plenty of beautiful things to see in the surrounding area.

Combine this visit with other parks, such as Defiplanet, Cormenier ou Beauty Park and benefit from reduced rates with the Nature Destination Pass.