Haut-Poitou AOC wines

Haut-Poitou wines are recognized for their quality. During your vacation in the Vienne, take the Loire Valley wine route and discover the wine heritage of the region. Along the way, you will meet passionate producers and taste delicious wines, during visits offered by certain estates.

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Taste the wines of Haut-Poitou, light and fresh!

Culture, geology and grape varieties… We reveal to you the little history of the Haut-Poitou vineyard.

The wines of Haut-Poitou, a history that dates back to Gallo-Roman times

In the Middle Ages and until the end of the 19th centuryrd century, the vineyards of Haut-Poitou were very extensive. At that time, 40 hectares of vines were cultivated in the department of Vienne. The vine diminishes with wars, diseases and invasions. Today, they are mainly located north and west of Poitiers. Although part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, these wines belong to the Loire Valley family and show Bordeaux influences.

The Poitou vineyards are cultivated on clay-limestone soils. They cover 700 hectares and, since 2011, 150 hectares have obtained Haut-Poitou controlled designation of origin. The wines – red, rosé and white – are characterized by a feeling of freshness and lightness. Most often, they are to be drunk young.

Different Haut-Poitou grape varieties, to accompany all tastes

In this region, winegrowers cultivate cabernet franc, gamay noir, pinot noir and sauvignon . Sauvignon Blancs and Gris are dry without being lively. They are drunk as an aperitif and go perfectly with seafood or fish. The red wines are fresh, thirst-quenching and fruity. They often reveal aromas of red fruits. Light, they are perfect for an aperitif dinner or with white meat. The rosé is fresh and fruity but not sweet. It is served with charcuterie: black pudding, andouillette, rillons…

Barely ripe grapes from Haut-Poitou©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

Come and meet the winegrowers in the AOC Haut-Poitou wine estates

Visit the wine estates and meet passionate winegrowers.

The Domaine de La Tour Beaumont, located in an old farm

Independent Winemaker, Pierre Morgeau welcomes you to this family farm of 26 hectares, created in 1860, at Beaumont-St-Cyr. The wines of Domain of the Beaumont Tower are vinified in the old farm, typical of the end of the 19th centuryrd century. Since 2018, the wines have been certified High environmental value : they are produced responsibly, respecting the fauna and flora.

Domaine de Villemont, managed by independent winegrowers

30 km north of Poitiers, Mirebau, Domaine de Villemont produces white, red and rosé AOC wines from Haut-Poitou. These independent winegrowers open their doors to let you taste their products and introduce you to wine tourism in Poitou.
Throughout the year, the Bourdier family invites you to observe the work of the winemaker through various activities : walks or mountain bike rides in the vineyards, harvest days.

The Domaine de la Treille Guérin, in the Neuville plain

The vines of Patrice Melin extend over an area of ​​7 hectares in the plain of Neuville. For 24 years, the Domaine de la Treille Guérin has been producing Haut-Poitou wines: sauvignon and chardonnay for the whites, gamay and cabernet for the reds and a rosé wine. It also offers a sparkling grape juice, created with a traditional method.

The Domaine de la Rôtisserie and its beautiful tuffeau cellar

On the hills of Marigny-Brizay, this family wine estate has around twenty hectares of vines. THE Domain of the Rotisserie offers you different Poitou AOCs available in red, white and rosé wine. Want to know more ? The domain offers free guided tours to discover the vines, the profession of winegrower and the wine cellar. You will be welcomed in a magnificent cellar with its oven dug into the tufa.

White or red wine according to your tastes

Domaine des Renardières, created by a former oenologist

Former oenologist, Isabelle Office created the Domaine des Renardières in the town of Beaumont, near Poitiers, in 2015. Located on clay-limestone soil, the vineyard is made up of several AOC Haut-Poitou grape varieties: Sauvignon Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, Gamay and Pinot Noir.

Domaine Ampelidae and “Winter White”

Even if Domaine Ampelidae does not have the AOC Haut-Poitou appellation, its “Winter White” wine is a must to taste absolutely during your stay in the Vienne ! The Domain Ampelidae, located south of Poitiers, was founded in 1995 by an enthusiast, Frederic Brochet. He installed it in his family cellar at La Mailleterie and created his first cuvée of pinot noir on a half-hectare plot.

Today, the farm covers 60 hectares. The "Blanc d'Hiver" cuvée owes its name to early bottling during the cold season. Not all of the grapes' natural sugars are converted into alcohol, resulting in a light, barely sweet wine that is perfect for drinking as an aperitif. It also goes well with many cheeses. It is on the menu of several restaurants in Poitiers.

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