Le Broyé: traditional cake from Poitou

Each region has its own culinary specialities. Salty, sweet, there is something for all tastes and especially for all times of the day. Poitou is no exception in this regard. The Broye, traditional Poitou cake, is a staple of Poitou tables. A real must to taste during your holidays and bring back in your suitcases !

Poitou-Charentes region style cake ©Agence Zébrelle-Thomas Jelinek

The history of Broyé du Poitou

Broyé is a great pancake composed of butter, crispy and melting as desired. This biscuit was prepared in the farms of the region and was shared on the occasion of family, religious celebrations or just for the pleasure of having a good time with loved ones. It gets its name from the way it was cut. We tapped in its center, with a big blow of the fist to make pieces! The technique, although a bit "barbaric", is effective to say the least. It is still practiced today, thus perpetuating a very convivial tradition.

Particularly appreciated with a coffee, a fruit salad or accompanied by an ice cream, the Broyé is the essential of Poitevine tables and can also be eaten without accompaniment.

Poitou-Charentes region style cake©Agence Zebrelle – Thomas JELINEK

How to prepare a Broyé du Poitou?

As often for traditional recipes, each family has its own. We reveal to you that of Monique, originally from Romagna. Scrupulously preserved by its parents on yellowed paper, it is passed down from generation to generation without losing an ounce of its flavor.

Every time she prepares it, the same childhood memories come back to her.viennent like this irresistible desire to dip your fingertip “just a little bit” into the raw dough.

Here are the steps of his recipe

To prepare it, nothing very complicated! Take out the butter to soften. Take a large 30 centimeter sheet pan, or a baking sheet, and preheat the oven to 200°C.

In a bowl, combine all the ingredients:
   • 335 grams of flour
   • 150 grams of sugar
   • 200 grams of butter, cut into small pieces
   • a pinch of salt
   • a small pot of 10 centilitres of fresh cream
   • an egg white. Keep the yolk, it will be used for browning.

Knead to obtain a homogeneous dough, then spread the preparation in your mold or directly on the baking sheet if you feel comfortable making a nice round cake. Then make lines with a fork to decorate your Broyé. Using a kitchen brush, brush your preparation with the egg yolk and put in the oven. Between 20 and 25 minutes later, it is ready.

And what about that delicious smell that perfumes the house when cooking... Le Broyé is our Proust madeleine for us, the Poitevins! All you have to do is wait for it to cool down to enjoy it.

Preparation Broye du Poitou Agence Zebrelle Thomas JELINEK 11302 - Tourism Vienne©Thomas Jelinek- Agence Zebrelle

Broyé producers in the Vienne

If you don't have the soul of a cook, to discover this little marvel, there's nothing like a visit to one of the biscuit factories in the Vienne. Each in their own way, perpetuating the tradition and working with local products, they contribute to making this cake the emblem of Poitou. On the side of The Biscuit Factory of Lencloître, between Poitiers and Chatellerault, Broyé can be purchased in large format or in a mini version for gourmet breaks. In Saint-Benoît, for more than 50 years, the Augereau family focuses on making it by hand. If the latter remains the star of the stalls, allow yourself to taste the other sweets concocted by the biscuit factory. Installed at Poitiers and labeled Living Heritage Company, Gulber declines the Broyé in multiple flavors.

Crushed can be bought everywhere in the Vienne, but also on the site from the Comptoir du Poitou. The perfect corner for gourmets who can't wait... Take the opportunity to discover other local specialties made of chabichou from Poitou, craft beers or of cheese cakes.