AOC Saumur wines

A few kilometers from Futuroscope, explore the loudunais vineyard and let yourself be tempted by the tasting of Saumur wines. Raised on the limestone territories of northern Loudun, on the tufa chalk, the grape varieties benefit from the sweetness and character of thePDO Saumur. Meet the winegrowers and their estate during guided tours.

©CPL Treilles de la Reine Blanche Curcay-sur-Dive

Discover the vineyards in the Loudunais, cultivated on limestone soil

Admire the beauty of the Domaines du Loudunais, located on troglodyte sites and taste the different grape varieties.

Domaine du Bois Mignon, located in a former mushroom farm

On a troglodyte site, Pascal Barillot warmly welcomes you to help you discover his Saumur wines, grown on limestone soil. Located in Saix, a few minutes from Loudun, cute wood field featuresa large reception hall, made in an old mushroom farm.

Conviviality around red wine

Domaine Isabelle Suire, family farm in Berrie

In 2006, Isabelle Suire moved to the south of the Saumur vineyards, in Berrie, to take over the family business. THE Domain Isabelle Suire, classified AOC Saumur, extends over 16 hectares. He cultivates 2 grape varieties: chenin et cabernet franc. The wine produced by Isabelle Suire is specific due to the geology of the soils on which it is grown, consisting of a rock made of clay sand and white chalk (tuffeau). The wines are vinified and aged in the freshness of the troglodyte cellar of a former XNUMXth century priory.

Domaine de Saint Landor, the passion for wine from father to son

In the heart of the Loire Valley, discover the Domain of Saint Landor , a family farm where the passion for wine is transmitted from father to son. It extends over 23 hectares and includes the communes of Saix and Saint-Léger-de-Montbrillais. The winegrowers of Saint Landor practice a organic farming and offer cabernet franc, chardonnay and chenin grape varieties.

Domaine Du Grand Clos and its troglodyte cellars

5 minutes from Center Parcs du Bois aux Daims,  Domaine du Grand Clos extends over 30 hectares. Damien Robert belongs to the 6th generation of winegrowers on this site. On a clay-limestone soil of chalk and tufa, it produces different grape varieties: chardonnay, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and chenin. This family vineyard has 5 m² of troglodyte cellars, in which vinification is done in barrels. They also serve as a storage place for their vintages.

Troglodyte cave in the Loudunais©Visuellement, Domaine du Grand Clos

Domaine de Berrye and its medieval fortress

In the Loire Valley, the fortress of Berrye is a prestigious witness of medieval military architecture. The website is surrounded by ramparts most of which can still be seen today. The Château de Berrye vineyard extends all around the fortress on 12 hectares. The estate enjoys the AOP Saumur appellation and is in conversion to organic farming. Planted for several decades, the vines produce wines rich in aromas.

Domaine de La Neuraye, family vineyard in Trois-Moutiers

This family winery, located in the town Three Moutiers, operates AOC Saumur vines in sustainable agriculture on 16 hectares. Present on the site for 5 generations, the Gauthier family now produces Saumur red, white, rosé, Cabernet d'Anjou, Coteaux de Saumur and Crémant de Loire as well as grape juice.

Domaine de l'Epinay, fourth generation of winegrowers

The Domaine de L'Epinay is a property of about thirty hectares, which extends over 4 municipalities under the AOP Saumur appellation. Its directors, Quentin and Laurent Ménestreau, represent the fourth generation of winegrowers on this site. Thanks to the quality of the terroir and a culture that respects the environment, they produce wines that often win prizes in competitions.

Domaine Vallet Father and Son, respect for wine-growing tradition

Vinified in cellars dug by tufa, the wines of Domaine Vallet benefit from the protected designation of origin Saumur. For several generations, the Vallet family has been growing its vines in Saint-Leger-de-Montbrillais respecting the wine-growing tradition, by carrying out manual harvests.

Pretty red grapes in the sun

Become an expert in Saumur wines by visiting the vineyards of Loudunais

Are you passing through Loudun and want to discover the wine around this city? Book your place for a tour of the estates around Loudun

Discovery of the Domaine de l'Epinay by vineyard taxi

Laurent and Quentin Ménestreau welcome you to the Domaine de l'Epinay in Pouancay for adiscovery of the vines and the profession of winegrower. During the open days, explore the site in an original way, aboard taxi-vines. On reservation, visit the cellars and the cellar then taste the specialties of the house.

Visit of the Domaine du Grand Clos, in an old mushroom farm

Located on a troglodyte site, the Grand Clos wine estate offers tastings of their AOP Saumur wines in an air-conditioned room, with a play area for children. Reservations are recommended. The visit also includes the discovery of the vineyard and the atypical troglodyte caves , located in a former mushroom farm.

Exploration of the Domaine de Vallet, to discover the manual harvest

Passionate about his profession, Sébastien Vallet reveals the secrets of his vineyard, raised in accordance with the wine-growing tradition. During'a visit to a superb cellar dug into the tuffeau, you will know everything about the production of their AOP Saumur wines, from the manual harvest to the vinification in barrels. To end your day well, stay in one of the Loudun hotels.

Mamuelles Harvest©ACAP

Excursion to Domaine du Bois Mignon and tasting in a troglodyte room

Pascal Barillot opens its doors to you for a guided tour of its vineyards, its cellar and the troglodyte site where Saumur wines are vinified. End the day with a tasting in a large troglodyte reception room

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