The Melon of Haut-Poitou

It may seem surprising, but Haut-Poitou has an ideal climate and soil for growing melon! As a starter or dessert, this sweet, low-calorie fruit is the emblem of sunny tables. Become an expert on the fruity ally of your summer meals by discovering the secrets and producers of this great IGP melon.

©IGP du Haut-Poitou - Syndicat des producteurs de melons du Haut-Poitou

A renowned classification for this Haut-Poitou melon

Since 1997, the Haut-Poitou melon has proudly displayed its IGP designation. This designation of protected geographical indication guarantees regional production.

Cultivation in the field

To take full advantage of the benefits of the clay-limestone soils of the region, the Haut-Poitou melon is exclusively grown in the open field. It slowly draws the rainwater returned throughout the summer.

Cultivation of melon in the open field

A dream climate

The melon plants are planted from April to June. IThey take advantage of the favors of the sun during the day and the coolness of the nights. The fruit then develops at its own pace for 90 days until harvest.

Passionate melon producers

Melon is grown by market gardeners based mainly in the north of the department, grouped together by the melon union of Upper Poitou.

Farmers focused on quality

  • For quality production, the market gardener Richard Burgaud says he chose the ideal land of La Roche-Rigault in order to harvest his 18 ha plantation.
  • Sebastien Bourry is based in the commune of Trois Moutiers, and practices his profession under the agricultural exploitation group of The Gidelle.
  • Christian Rondeleux and his teams work each season under the original name de Hat the bowler in Maulay, in order to bring you fruits bursting with flavor.
  • Part of a reasoned and responsible culture approach, the Val de Sérigny agricultural estate is worn by Robert Franchineau.
Sliced ​​orange melon

Producers with an organic soul

  • Sweet melons by Frédéric Tassin from the SARL Le Cardinal await you in Dercé.
  • The delicious fruits of The Gourmandise of Poitou in Ouzilly have been delighting Haut-Poitou melon lovers for more than 50 years.
  • It was in July 2009 that Alexandre Hénault and Tony Thibault, grouped under the SCEA des Noisetiers, take over the 70 ha of this farm located in Thuré. The harvest brings them conventional and organic melons.
  • La SCEA Helios Plans is a family business based in Coussay. Carole and Serge Leturck continue to produce certified organic cucurbits.

THE question: starter or dessert? 

The impatient will savor this slightly sweet fruit at the start of a meal. He likes to be accompanied by country ham, cheese and even prawns for a starter with more original notes.
At dessert time, it will be refreshing in a fruit salad, transformed into a sorbet or even roasted with honey. And for fans, simply with a spoon!

Fancy a light 100% Poitevin menu? After your melon starter, continue with the traditional stuffed Poitevin, before serving you a Chabichou with some bread and Haut-Poitou wine and end with a cheese cake !