Discover Mirebeau!

Mirebeau is a small town located west of the department of Vienne, about thirty kilometers from Poitiers. This city of Haut Poitou, built in the year XNUMX, has some beautiful historical surprises in store for you. Castle, former priory, collegiate: discover its heritage without delay!

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Let yourself be told about Mirebeau and its history

Mirebeau is located at a strategic point between Anjou and Poitou. Its location on a tufa hill culminating at 152 meters gives it its name, the place where one "sights (sees) beautiful (far)". Put on your sneakers and set off to discover its rich heritage for a family walk!

A highly prized fortress

The town owes its castle to the Count of Anjou who had it built in the year 1000, in order to preserve the Mirebalais and the Loudunais of the threat of invaders. Its famous dungeon is nicknamed "La Cuve d'Anjou". In times of war, when the aggressors managed to cross the first bastions, they found themselves trapped in this circular trap, under the fire of the defenders.

Unfortunately, the historic building was destroyed in 1631, under the orders of Cardinal Richelieu. As the new owner of the barony of Mirebeau, he used the stones for the construction of the city. He then ordered the demolition of the tank with the filling of the ditches.

Quiet athletic challenge

The architectural gems of the Saint-André priory

Founded by the abbey of Bourgueil in the middle of the XInd century, the priory brought together 5 parishes: Notre-Dame, Saint-Hilaire, Saint-Pierre, the Madeleine and finally Saint-André. It then consisted of a church, a cloister, accommodation, land and a cemetery. The expansion of the city wall in the XNUMXth centurynd century subsequently encompassed it.

Nowadays, the buildings that have survived successive eras offer listed architectural gems, such as a XNUMXth century chapter house.nd century or even a main building of the XVnd and XVInd centuries. The building was rehabilitated by the town hall to make it a cultural place.

The mysteries of Notre-Dame collegiate church

The immense bell tower of the Notre-Dame collegiate church, visible up to 30 km around, does not say everything about the treasures of the place! While most churches have seen their pulpit disappear over time, the religious building retains 2. The most majestic, dating from the XNUMXthnd century, comes from the Abbey of Sainte-Croix in Poitiers.

Inside, do not miss to meet the Miraculous. This statue of the Virgin in polychrome wood had a most unusual destiny. During the Wars of Religion, it was hidden by the parishioners and monks of the priory in order to save it. Unfortunately, these were massacred, taking with them the secret of his precious hiding place. It would have been found by chance by a peasant at the end of the XVInd century, while working his land. Legend has it that subsequently she miraculously resumed her place within the collegiate church!

Eleanor of Aquitaine and her two kings for a throne

Worthy of a film script, an important part of the history of France was written behind the walls of the Château de Mirebeau. In April 1199, the eldest son of Henry II andEleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionheart dies prematurely. A rivalry to obtain his succession to the throne then arises between his two legitimate suitors: the second son Jean sans Terre and the nephew of Henri II, Arthur 1er from Brittany.

And it is in Mirebeau that everything is played out. Eleanor supports his son, Jean sans Terre by designating him king. But Arthur 1er do not intend to let it go! As he leaves for battle by entering Poitou after crossing the Loire, Aliénor takes refuge in the enclosure of the castle while waiting for her son whom she manages to warn by message. Despite her 78 years, she is determined not to capitulate! And she holds her ground while the city falls into enemy hands. Thanks to the courage of his mother, Jean sans Terre is crowned king.

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Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France

Heir to the Duchy of Aquitaine, Aliénor left its mark on Poitiers and its surroundings. Several places lead you in his footsteps and tell you his story. Explore the extraordinary life of this queen of two kingdomsPalace of the Counts of Poitou à Poitiers town hall.

I discover history

How about discovering the streets of Mirebeau while having fun?

In this unprecedented quest, the application Tèrra Aventura takes you to the XInd century, at the time of the creation of the medieval city of Mirebeau. A fun and free way to discover the town, which will delight you! For this new adventure “These Mirebalaises are too strong”, the geocaching specialist in New Aquitaine takes you through the past of the city's streets and buildings on a 2,5 km route. During this dive through the ages, you will come across the destiny of illustrious characters such as Eleanor of Aquitaine, Joan of Arc and even Gargantua! So, ready to explore Mirebeau differently?

After your day of discovery, recharge your batteries with your tribe in the mansion of Turenne. Its XNUMXth century woodworknd century will not fail to seduce you!