Tèrra Aventura revolutionizes the family outing!

Put on your favorite sneakers for an original 2.0 walk or bike ride! Tèrra Aventura it's about forty connected treasure hunts in the Vienne. Uncover funny characters with a strong character: the Poïz's and then collect badges bearing their likeness! Thanks to the 100% free application, explore the unusual places of the Vienne on several themes has never been so easy...

Tèrra Aventura in Greater Poitiers ©ACAP

Tèrra Aventura : They are the last born!!

Immerse yourself in thrilling new adventures with the Tèrra Aventura for the Vienne ! There are now 40 courses Tèrra Aventura already present and they are ready to make you live new experiences. 

  • « But who are these fricassous » in Château-Larcher: Discover local know-how and old trades on a 2,5 km route for a duration of 1 hour to 2 hours. The Poï'z, these little imaginary creatures, will accompany you on your journey and provide you with their support.

  • « What is this mayhem » in Queaux: Venture through the town of Queaux and try to solve all the puzzles. A route on a historical theme over 2,5 km for a duration of 2 hours.

  • « Be careful it grows » in Saix: All in the saddle, get on your bike and explore Saix at your own pace. For more than 3 hours, on a 12 km route, observe the nature around you and solve as many puzzles as possible.

  • « Jacquelin's mullet, superstar! » in Vicq-sur-Gartempe: Uncover the secrets of local heritage, walk along the trails with this route centered around animals. Prepare yourself for a 1,5km walk, approximately 1 hour.

Get ready for a family geocaching outing

Get ready for a thrilling adventure which will make you explore the landscapes of La Vienne. Geocaching is a life-size treasure hunt which is practiced in plein air. First of all, for those who are not yet familiar with the concept, Tèrra Aventura is a free game based on geocaching, where participants go in search of “caches” using a smartphone or GPS, hidden in unusual places.

Each cache is associated with a riddle to solve, allowing you to discover the secrets and riches of natural and cultural heritage of the department. Get ready to crack codes, solve puzzles and face challenges that will test your ingenuity.

Completely suitable for families, children quickly get caught up in the game, a great way to introduce them to walking. A large majority of the routes are less than 3 km, No time to get bored !

How to play Tèrra Aventura ?

In a few gestures, you view your position on the map of your route and walk from stage to stage. Simply enter the answers to the riddles, the coordinates of the Poï'z cache will be displayed!

Treasure hunt Tèrra Aventura©Momentum Productions – Mickael PLANES

How does it work concretely?  

  1. Take a walk with application Tèrra Aventura 100% free and accessible all year round,
  2. Observe your surroundings by following the dialogues and instructions of the Poïz's,
  3. Answer the riddles that punctuate your journey,
  4. Unlock the GPS coordinates of the cache with your (correct) answers!

Tèrra Aventura, it's a fun way to discover the heritage, nature, viewpoints and exciting stories. Word of Terr'adventurers!

No smartphone? Take a GPS (hiking for example) and print the roadmap on the site terra-aventura.fr

geocaching vocabulary

Geocaching has its own jargon! Still new to this original discipline? Don't worry: after two or three rounds, these words will hold no secrets for you!

  • The Poï'z: app characters Tèrra aventura. Each Poïz illustrates a theme (nature, pilgrimage, medieval, sport, etc.). They are represented on the badges that you find at the end of each course.
  • A cache: this is the treasure! With Tèrra Aventura, you need to find a transparent water bottle with a black cap.
  • Lth logbook: This is the little notebook on which you leave a note for the wise and future adventurers.
  • The wise : it is the creators of the game and the courses, who ensure the proper functioning of the application.
  • Muggles: these are people who are not initiated into Tèrra aventura ! Be careful to remain discreet when you find the cache, and not to spoiler with your photos on the application.

Share your photos on Instagram with the hashtags #PaysDuFuturoscope and #TerraAventura! That you are with family, friends or alone, Tèrra Aventura is the perfect way to go on an adventure discovering the hidden treasures of the Vienne. 

Tèrra Aventura is developed by the Regional Committee for Tourism in New Aquitaine.

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