Vouille is worth the detour!

During your stay in the Vienne, take the time to discover Vouillé, labeled Village Stopover. Bathed by the Auxance, this charming flowery village located in the Vienne offers a preserved and bucolic environment. Make a stop near the Futuroscope and benefit from the best welcome to eat, rest and visit.

Visit of Vouille ©Mairie de Vouillé

Visit Vouille, land of history

Located halfway between Poitiers et Lusignan, in New Aquitaine, Vouillé is a pleasant town where life is good. Explore the charm of its medieval town center.

The history of Vouillé, marked by the passage of Clovis

Vouille was already occupied in Roman times; Roman villas have been discovered on its territory. To the north of the city, under agricultural land, a large Merovingian necropolis of more than 1000 burials has been discovered.

The town of Vouillé is particularly known for its battle of 507, which opposed Clovis, king of the Franks, to Alaric II, king of the Visigoths. First of the 3 battles of Poitiers, the victory of Clovis at Vouillé marked a major step in the reunification of Gaul. Few vestiges of this warlike past remain today. While strolling in the streets of the city, you will nevertheless be able to discover its rich built heritage and its medieval town center.

Explore the built heritage of Vouillé in a fun way

In Vouillé, various activities are offered to you to visit the city and its heritage in a different way.

Visit 2.0: “Tourist discovery of the town”

Relive the key moments in the history of Vouillé by downloading the free mobile application "Tourist discovery of the town", created by the association Vouillé and its history. The start of the course is from Place François Albert.
To protect the old town and prevent the English from entering the city, fortifications were built in the XNUMXth century.th century. Of these ramparts, all that remains today is an entrance gate which houses the town hall. Observe the modern stained glass windows of the Sainte-Radegonde church, rebuilt around 150 years ago. Inside, linger on the panels telling the story of this queen of the Franks. Having become a nun, she founded one of the first female monasteries in the West, the Sainte-Croix Abbey in Poitiers.

During your walk, you will also come across the dovecote with 1650 bowls dating from the XNUMXth century.th century, located in the lower streets of the village. This monument was restored by the town hall in the years 1990-2000.

Test the geocaching app Tèrra Aventura, in the footsteps of Clovis

In Vouille, walk in the footsteps of Clovis by testing the application Tèrra Aventura, which offers next-generation treasure hunts. Go on an adventure in the alleys of Vouillé with the course “Without Clo, nor Vis”. As a family, have fun deciphering the riddles while admiring the local heritage during a 2 km circuit. The first stage is on the banks of the Auxance, opposite the city gate. You will then pass in front of the swimming pool, the Gorande park and an old fur factory (goose skin factory).

To find the cache and complete the mission, take the well path, which is narrow and has a steep slope. Once you arrive at the top, enjoy the breathtaking view of the roofs of Vouillé and the church bell tower. On the way down, observe the stele which commemorates the battle of 507, as well as the Sainte-Radegonde church.

Discover the natural heritage of Vouillé while having fun!

A few steps from the town, opt for an excursion into the countryside in the national forest of Vouillé Saint-Hilaire, which extends over more than 1 hectares. Different family activities await you, so you can explore the city’s natural heritage in a fun way.

An interactive and fun walk "On the track of Wonder", to observe the forest flora

For a magical break, criss-cross the forest of Vouillé Saint-Hilaire over the fun trail “On the track of Wonder”. Thanks to multimedia content available on the application of the same name, experience a family outing full of surprises, over 3 km. Using a compass and clues, your children must save the fairy Wonder from the bad spell that has been cast on her! Reconstruct the magic formula by finding all the pieces of parchment scattered along the path.

Through a fun treasure hunt, young and old can observe the forest flora: oaks, beeches and hornbeams. Everyone is invited to collect leaves from trees they come across along the way to create a herbarium. This course is ideal for children aged 6 and over, who learn to work on their sense of observation and agility. Throughout this short hike in the forest, find wooden sculptures and games.

The “Forest Bath” course, to experience a green connection and a sensory journey

Awaken your senses by experiencing a “Forest Bath” in the heart of the Vouillé Saint-Hilaire forest. A practice from Japan, silvotherapy consists of improving well-being through contact with trees. Immerse yourself in the soothing forest atmosphere and embark away from your daily life, for a ride. Walk on a small path and discover many new activities, in harmony with the nature that surrounds you: walk blindfolded, feel the contact of the moss under your bare feet, listen to a story on a carpet of leaves, take part in a workshop creative …

Let go, let yourself be surprised by the magic of the place and leave this unique walk completely relaxed.

Vouille, all amenities and easy access

Two steps from Futuroscope, Vouillé also offers all the services and access facilities necessary to welcome you.

Vouillé, a stopover village rich in discoveries

Labeled Stopover Village, Vouillé is less than 5 minutes from the motorway, with all the services and shops necessary for a successful stay.. Don't forget to taste with local gastronomic specialties : crushed from Poitou, chabichou and poitevin stuffed... The municipality also has several accommodation solutions.

Stuffed Poitevin Sebastien LAVAL 2537 - Tourism Vienne ©Sébastien Laval
DCOUPE1 - Tourism Vienne ©Camille RAIMBAULT_ Syndicat des Producteurs de melons du Haut-Poitou

The municipal campsite **, for a night in the heart of nature

To spend a night in Vouillé, bet on its municipal campsite, located near the town center, along the river. This 2* accommodation has 40 shaded pitches where you can pitch your tent and install your camper van or caravan.
A few meters from the campsite, cool off at the municipal swimming pool, open in summer, and enjoy activities at the Gorande park. It has a playground, picnic tables, an animal park, a rose garden and a pétanque court.

Vouille Municipal Campsite©Mairie de Vouillé

And if you’re not into camping…
Find all the accommodation in and around Vouillé!