Organize your stay at the Futuroscope Park

The famous Futuroscope park, located north of the city of Poitiers, opens the doors to its 40 attractions and its night show. Immerse yourself in the universe of your favorite heroes, from Rabbids to Arthur and the Minimoys, and embark on journeys to the four corners of the world and even beyond our planet with unique attractions.

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Your stay at the Futuroscope theme park is just beginning…

A magnetic force draws you to the Futuroscope park: let yourself be carried away into this world filled with magic and a family atmosphere par excellence. Explore the different attractions and areas of the park... We now immerse you in images in the fantastic world of Futuroscope.

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What novelties?

Four new features have appeared in the heart of the park: Sparkle, the curse of the opal, the Tornado Chasers attraction, theCosmos Station Hotel, and the Space Loop restaurant. Travel with us to this new universe full of sensations, and already unmissable.

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The main attractions

More than 40 attractions, each different and unique, lead you into the world of laughter and fun! Fly over the continents of our planet with the extraordinary journey, or venture to faraway and different lands with Objective Mars. Toddlers: play in a world just for you: futuropolis !

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Our suggestions for activities and visits around the park

Many activities and visits await you around Futuroscope to extend your moments of relaxation and fun. Stock up on ideas with our top 6 family activities geographically close to Futuroscope! 

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How to come and access the Futuroscope park?

The Futuroscope Park is located in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, 10 kilometers north of Poitiers. It is easily accessible from thehighway A10, thePoitiers-Biard airport, or by bus throughout the department of Vienne.

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