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La Vienne is your next holiday destination if you dream of a stay of a few days, between rivers and rolling plains, medieval villages and outdoor leisure activities. Here are our ideas for peacefully organizing a short vacation in the heart of the beautiful, lush nature in Poitou near Poitiers!

DAY 1: Poitiers, between heritage & nature

The stay begins with Poitiers, the so-called city of “one hundred steeples” where the sweetness of life and natural spaces offer a breath of fresh air.

Attacking the heritage of Poitiers

Go to the city center where Romanesque monuments stand in front of half-timbered houses, such as the church of Notre-Dame-la-Grande. Its sculpted facade from the 11th centuryrd century illustrating passages from the Bible always impresses!

A few streets away stands the Palace of the Counts of Poitou and Dukes of Aquitaine. This superb monument, formerly the city's courthouse, is once again open to the public. Inside, the immense Hall of Lost causes with its Angevin style decor, with its triple fireplace, is now a place of culture where conferences and shows regularly take place. During your visit, don't forget to explore the Maubergeon Tower, built between the 11th and 12th centuries.rd century, old keep attached to the palace.

Head to the green spaces of Poitiers

A 5-minute walk from the city center is one of the most beautiful public parks in France : Blossac Park. Different spaces are open to strolling over nearly 9 hectares: the French garden, whose structure is reminiscent of that of André le Nôtre, the English garden created in 1905 where water is omnipresent, the garden of shadow and light, the large meadow, the rock garden and the zoo. The Parc de Blossac is a must for the inhabitants of Poitiers for its originality and tranquility, and offers a natural break !

From Parc de Blossac, you can see Tison Island, large green space on the banks of the Clain. Developed in 2018, this park is a must on spring and summer evenings. Foodtrucks of dishes from around the world and eclectic music give a festive atmosphere to this place where one likes to meet up with friends or family at the Guinguette Pictave. The day, fun pedalo, canoe or stand-up paddle departures are available to take a nature break in the middle of the city!

Another place in Poitiers where nature is omnipresent: the plant garden of Poitiers . Below the city center, this 1,5 hectare park is an invitation to observation. The botanical garden made up of aromatic, condiment and medicinal plants awaits you. You will also find a large tropical greenhouse where orchids and cacti reign supreme.

During your visit to Poitiers, look up: a remarkable private mansion or a historical curiosity will often cross your path!

Central fountain of Blossac©ACAP

DAY 2: Chauvigny, medieval at heart

Just 30 minutes from Poitiers stands on a hill overlooking the Vienne the medieval town of Chauvigny. Five castles cohabited there in the Middle Ages, three of which still reveal their secrets.

Discover the heritage of Chauvigny

The amphitheater of the Château des Evêques is the ideal place for a show, and for good reason! You can attend the show of Sky Giants. Falcons, vultures, eagles and other exotic birds will fly overhead. During this time, the falconers will explain all about their ways of life.

Au Harcourt Castle, an Escape Game will await the most daring. Also visit its prison and exhibition halls. Then go to the Dungeon of Gouzon where his industrial archeology museum extends over four levels.
As a bonus: you can go up to the top floor to enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley. Take the time to stroll through the medieval streets with picturesque scenery.

A nature & sporty walk to admire Chauvigny

If you want to see the medieval city from a unique point of view, while enjoying a unique activity, the VéloRail of Chauvigny waiting for you. It is aboard a cyclo-handrail that you will set off into the Chauvinois bocage! The walk promises you undergrowth, rolling plains, and family laughter. But to do this, you will have to pedal, so challenge your children on a 17km round trip!

Personalized canoe-kayak departures are also available, to stroll on the Vienne, the main river of our beautiful department.

DAY 3: nature destination near Civray

Nature immersion at La Vallée des Singes

Your vacation continues south of Poitiers, immersed in nature and the countryside. The Valley of the Apes, an unmissable and favorite park, invites you to discover different species of primates in semi-freedom. It is without cages or barriers that bonobos, chimpanzees, saimiris or lemurs evolve in this space. You enter their territory… and they are almost the ones watching you! Thanks to the explanations of the animal keepers during feedings, you will learn more about these fascinating animals.

Family at Parc de la Belle©Sébastien LAVAL

Floral interlude at Parc de la Belle

To continue in a bucolic atmosphere, Beauty Park offers plant and garden lovers a lovely walk. You can even top it off with a glass of local wine or fruit juice! You will also find there tree houses, to surprise you and end your trip in style.

Park of the Belle

For your next nature stay…

There are so many places nestled in the heart of nature in the Vienne, that three days are ultimately not enough to visit everything! We offer other suggestions for staying longer, or coming back to pay us a nice visit to the green.

The Castle of La Mothe-Chandeniers, the most romantic ruin in the world has been the subject of major crowdfunding campaigns. This heritage gem located north of the Vienne presents to you the spectacular side of its building. Nature having slowly regained its rights, you will be able to experience an enchanting visit there.

Don't forget either Angles-sur-l'Anglin, labeled among the “Most beautiful villages in France”! With its imposing XNUMXth century fortress and steep streets, it's another getaway idea not to be missed. You will be able to observe magnificent panoramas revealing horizons of greenery over the Anglin valley.

For original and atypical nights far from the cities: the Floating Village of Pressac invites you to its floating cabins on a Natura 2000 lake where biodiversity is rich. For an atypical stay but in a more family atmosphere, the Défiplanet' park in Dienné will seduce you with giant dwellings in the shape of animals, castles and tree houses, or even yurts from all over the world!

Also please the whole family with parent-child activities designed for you! The Expériences Famille have been developed to give you the opportunity to get together and share what will become great memories. So turn on experience mode, choose from over 20 original activities and enjoy these moments with your family!