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Course in the trees at DéfiPlanet ©Sébastien LAVAL

La Vienne, it is a territory for children, for the families and also for Adolescents ! And yes, between thrilling activities, relaxation by the water, or unusual family experiences, you will have something to keep them busy during your stay and make them disconnect from their screens! Here is a selection of activities for teenagers!

1. Futuroscope: between fun and adrenaline

You thought that Futuroscope Was it just for kids? Well no ! Teenagers also have something to spend a good day, With friends or in family ! Challenge them to:

  • Objective Mars : this roller coaster astronomical prepares future astronauts for a mission to the red planet. Guaranteed sensations with spikes reaching 55 km/h
  • Dance with robots : this stunning attraction will make your teenagers see all the colors (and music)! In this charged atmosphere, they will dance to the best dancefloor playlists to 7 meters highOn 2 intensity levels.
  • Tornado Chasers : follow two zany scientists in the heart of a tornado. On a circular platform, you will feel the effects of the tornado as if it were real.

2. Let off steam with a sporting activity

Ready to take on new challenges and experience thrills? Discover our exceptional sports activities. There Vienne is full of a multitude of sporting activities which will undoubtedly appeal to your teenagers, whether on land (rides on electric scooters, fat bikes, tree climbing, bungee jumping, etc.) or on the water (canoe-kayak, paddle, water ski lift, etc.) )

Whatever your passion, our sports activities promise you intense moments, an adrenaline rush et lasting memories in the Vienne. 

3. VéloRail: on your marks, go, pedal!

Challenge them during a 17km ride in a cyclo-draisine on the old railway line, around the Medieval town of Chauvigny and a sporting challenge that will lead them to discover an exceptional panorama on the city and its surrounding countryside. Be careful, on the way there, a long and somewhat sporty climb awaits them…!

I try the railbike
Chauvigny Rail Bike©Pomme Verte – LibelLab

4. A day with friends at Center Parcs

Fancy a day of disconnection and relaxation? Direction the Center Parcs du Domaine du Bois aux Daims ! This haven of peace promises you unforgettable moments with family or friends. On site, your teenagers will have a great time in theAqua World, aquatic area with its wild outdoor river or its slides.

Tobogganing at Center Parcs©Interaview_Eric_Bergoend

They can do a gourmet break comforting with the various relaxation areas in the heart of the dome or outside in the heart of the trees. And if they still have energy, sports activities are offered on site (to be booked in advance). For a relaxed evening, Le Bistrot Cocoon welcomes you for moments of conviviality around a drink.

Dance at La Guinguette Pictave, Island of Tison©Pomme Verte – LibelLab

5. Festival atmosphere at the Ilot Tison in Poitiers

The banks of the Clain just waiting for them! I'Island Tison, it is the meeting place for young people. On site, a real summer atmosphere emerges from this green 2-hectare park: sports activities on the Clain (paddle or canoe-kayak), guinguette, bar, food trucks, mini gigs...

The relaxation mode will be active in this place full of life, an essential address for the inhabitants of Poitiers!

I have fun at Guingette Pictave

6. Send them flying with ZerOGravity!

They are not yet convinced by all the previous activities? Ok so we take out our joker card… a flight in a wind tunnel at ZeroGravity, first indoor skydiving center in New Aquitaine !

Each flight is supervised by an instructor to make the most of this new and unique experience. Carried by the strong flow of air blowing inside the vertical tunnel (4 meters in diameter and 17 meters high), they will feel a sense of freedom and letting go.

While your teenagers are having a great time, watch them during their flights over a drink or a snack on the comfortable sofas facing the tunnel.

We give you two other cool ideas that

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