Christmas culinary specialties from Poitou

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Lencloître biscuit factory - Christmas baubles ©Iboocréation

Christmas is often an opportunity to go all out! Between fine products and delicacies: truffle, foie gras, winter white, chocolate or even Christmas tea, discover these exceptional products produced in the Vienne and make your festive dinners a success!

1. The Poitou Truffle

It's in the XNUMXthrd century that a miller from Beuxes (north of the Vienne) links oak and truffle which thus give rise to the first cultivated truffle groves. In the XNUMXth centuryrd century, Vienne produces between 20 and 25 tonnes of truffles annually, placing it in 6rd national rank in terms of production volume. But successive wars will cause this production to be forgotten. 

Today, this “black Diamond” is produced by more than 150 truffle growers in the Vienne and invites himself into many recipes to the delight of gourmands.

2. Foie gras from Maison Mitteault

A festive meal cannot do without foie gras and we have an excellent address for you!

In Chalandray, a small path lined with oak trees leads to the Mitteault House, duck producer for 5 generations. On the 17 hectares of the property, the ducks are raised outdoors, processed and prepared using know-how passed down from generation to generation.

Foie gras, pâtés, rillettes, canned, fresh or frozen, there is something for all tastes and recipes!

Lucullus Restaurant©Thomas ZELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

What if you played Chef?

Find the recipe from Alban Galpin, Chef of Lucullus restaurant in Montmorillon and his recipe for Tuna Tataki and foie gras escalope from Maison Mitteault. A real treat !

I discovered the recipe

3. Winter White, an essential local wine

It is hard to imagine that its golden color and its fruity aromas were born from a “erreur” of winemaking! Winter White is a 100% Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, and will be the ideal wine for your aperitif or to accompany your Christmas dessert. 

Since the heatwave of 2000, Ampelidae offers it every winter for the greatest pleasure of the inhabitants of the Vienne. And of course, always consume in moderation! 

Winter White Wine Ampelidae©ACAP – Sandrine Duvignac

4. The Mélusine Chocolate Factory

A Christmas without chocolate wouldn't be a real Christmas! We also have a very good address for you: The Mélusine Chocolate Factory à Chatellerault. Run by a master craftsman, this chocolate factory offers, in addition to its exceptional products, guided tours of the workshop so that chocolate no longer holds any secrets for you! The Chocolate Factory also belongs to the Brand Poitou.

5. Christmas Tea

And to finish, how about a little tea the Colonial Company
Since the XIXrd century, the Colonial Company is the First French Tea Brand. In its workshops, Compagnie Coloniale transforms and packages tea leaves harvested around the world. Accompany your tea with a little treat of the Lencloître Biscuit Factory, baked next to Châtellerault.

Preparing tea©La Compagnie Coloniale

How to prepare your tea correctly?

the 1er advice of the Colonial Company is to to have fun for the preparation of this sweet beverage.
If you use loose tea, know that you will need around 2g.
Then heat your water but be careful at 80° maximum, the water must not boil!
As for the infusion, the ideal is 3 minutes, but let your preference speak.

Good tasting

Do you want more ?

So to complete your holiday meals and offer tasty dishes to your loved ones, find all the specialties of the Vienne and have delicious moments.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!