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Hike in the woods of Givray ©Thomas JELINEK - Agence Zébrelle

The variety and richness of the landscapes, shades of colors, diversity of tree species… all the way domain of Givray in Ligugé, makes it an ideal place to recharge the batteries and experience a family "adventure" out of time. With Joséphine and the dog Filoche, we take you on a journey of 5 km between undergrowth, large meadow, riverside... and perhaps discover the animals of the forest. Follow us !

A walk in the heart of nature 

To penetrate the 110 hectares of domain of Givray in Ligugé, a popular place for walks by the inhabitants of Poitiers and surrounding towns, several entry points are possible. We, to spice up the walk a little, we opt for a more confidential but magical access, located in the town of Saint-Benoît (start of the route of the Valley of Legends): the chain boat, The Faravel!

When crossing the Clain river, which is done by the strength of the arms, we imagine ourselves as navigators arriving on an unknown land.

Senses awakened

More signposts, on the other bank, remind us that we are not the first to have walked on it. So much the better, these beacons will help us to continue our journey. We go up the Allée des Fawns. The dense undergrowth allows only a few rays of light to pass through, it is still early in the morning, the forest is waking up.

Our five senses are alert to the slightest noises and the songs of birds. For lack of not having yet seen animals of the forest, the little goats and the lying sheep peacefully in a field are a source of consolation for Joséphine and Filoche.

Hike in the woods of Givray©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zébrelle

In the arms of an Atlas cedar

Further on, after skirting the only buildings in the estate, a vast meadow opens up to us, planted withremarkable trees like the majestic cedars of the Atlas. One of these " natural landmarks is particularly welcoming: the crossing of its imposing branches forms a platform that Joséphine easily reaches by climbing its trunk.

Cries in the distance, seeming to come from the top of the forest, remind us that the site is home to the Valley of Legends adventure park. We promise to come back to experience the great thrill several meters high.

A parenthesis away from concerns

Our exploration continues in the direction of Clain. To reach it, we take a small steep path that leads to the river, after crossing a tunnel under the railway. Joséphine is in heaven, for her it's adventure!

Hike in the woods of Givray©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zébrelle

On the path planted with trees, a jogger stops to ask us if we too have seen the two deer. Missed ! Decidedly we have no luck with the occupants of the premises! But at the same time, a kingfisher passes right in front of us, a real blue arrow above the water.

The continuation of the walk along the meanders of the Clain is soothing and rejuvenating.. A last effort, on board the Faravel, brings us back to our starting point with the feeling of having experienced a beautiful parenthesis far from the concerns of everyday life.

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