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Guarantee of a successful family day, activities with animals always win a great success with the youngest. In the Vienne, farms and animal parks do not miss. In addition to traditional species, the territory is home to exotic animals. Choose with us your next animal park visit to Poitiers!

Poitiers animal park: the top 3 sites to discover in the Vienne

On the side of Poitiers, 3 major sites honoring animals share the top billing. These addresses are far from being simple zoos. So, if you like to be surprised, make your choice quickly… or visit all 3!

The Giants of the Sky: visit and falconry show near Poitiers

A show and animals: what more could you ask for to please the children? In the charming medieval town of Chauvigny, the Château des Évêques serves as a magnificent backdrop to the show The Sky Giants. No less than a hundred birds - hawks, eagles, parrots or storks take part in a breathtaking aerial ballet where the falconry tradition blends with the exotic colors of the macaws, just above you! Before or after the show, you can discover the aviaries.

La Vallée des singes: a park dedicated to primates in the Vienne

La Valley of the monkeys is not only an animal park near Poitiers, but also a conservatory for the protection of primates. Here, no enclosure! Bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas and around thirty other species live in semi-freedom in a vast area of ​​16 hectares made up of wooded areas, clearings and streams. You admire the acrobatics of the gibbons, attend the feeding of the squirrel monkeys, or observe the disputes of the playful magots.

Land of Dragons: a playful investigation in the middle of an animal park, in Poitou

And if you set out to discover land of dragons ? This zoological park near Poitiers, devoted to reptilians and in particular to crocodiles, immerses young visitors in an intrigue full of mysteries. Go in search of Professor Sheppard, perhaps he will have found the secret that surrounds the legend of the dragons... The techniques of Scénovision® make the discovery spectacular and punctuated with twists and turns. Don't miss the passage via the suspended net, just above the pools, for a little thrill!

Poitiers animal park: farms open to the public in the Vienne

Focus now on the farms where the owners enthusiastically share their passion for our furry companions, young and old. In this context, visits are often more intimate and more conducive to discussion.

La Ferme du Petit Age: an educational farm for playful moments in the Vienne

About fifty kilometers south of Poitiers, the small age farm devotes part of his time to leading workshops. Visitors curious to discover his donkeys and their little companions are warmly welcomed. On Wednesday and Saturday, activities are offered in the form of a club. A workshop can even be reserved to learn all the work of the mini-farmer in the midst of hens, goats and rabbits.

Looking for an original birthday? This educational farm also offers Anniv'ânes formulas to blow out the candles after 3 hours of activities with the donkeys.

The small age farm - Tourism Vienne©Bob – la ferme du petit age

La Vallée des cerfs: the good life in the countryside in the Vienne

It is in a typical landscape of the Vienne, made of groves and valleys, that is the deer valley. Here, Anne and Patrick devote their time to this life in the countryside that they cherish so much, in the midst of the animals they raise, in the most natural way possible. Fifty stags, hinds and fawns thus evolve in semi-freedom, to which are added a breeding of sheep and Aubrac cows, llamas and farmyard animals.

Don't miss the equestrian center for a horse or pony ride. Want to extend your discovery? Everything is provided: you can camp or sleep on site in a cottage or guest rooms.

La Fermothèque: real farm holidays for children near Poitiers

Taking care of animals, rolling in straw, gardening, cooking, that's all that the Fermotheque located in Lathus. In this educational farm, captivating children is the second passion of Laurent, Limousin cow breeder, and Violaine, socio-cultural facilitator.. Through the activities they offer throughout the year, they want to introduce the profession of farmer to the youngest and encourage them to take care of the planet.

Holiday camps in yurts are even organized for the most enthusiastic.

Poitiers Animal Park: bathing in nature in the Vienne

Apart from educational farms and large zoological parks, there are other addresses to try to rub shoulders with animals, immerse yourself in their environment and even participate in activities with them.

La Belle Ânée: hikes with donkeys in Poitou

For an afternoon or for 6 days, Fripon, Tagada or Pitchounette can accompany you during a hiking in mélusin country. These are Estelle's donkeys, at the head of the beautiful donkey, which have these funny names. Their company is a way as unusual as it is pleasant to discover Poitou. Recently, walks have also been possible with endearing llamas! For the children of the surroundings, Estelle also offers monthly hikes within a nature and hiking club.

The Bois de Saint-Pierre: a free zoo in Poitiers

It is good to walk in the St. Peter's Wood close to Poitiers. Among all the possible family activities, you will find a swimming pools, a pony club, a pond, a Zoo home to nearly 150 animals and play areas allow you to organize a great day outdoors with children.

peafowl g74bf5ae20 1920 - Tourism Vienne

Center Parcs: a vast playground surrounded by animals

Deer Wood at Center Parc is not just a place of accommodation. It is an area where nature is at the heart of holidaymakers' stays. Each of the outdoor activities takes place in a green setting. For a few hours, you can enjoy this soothing setting with a day ticket which gives access to the aviary of around thirty species of birds, to the observation hides of forest animals and more particularly the numerous deer present, and to the nature trail. To complete the day, access to Aqua World is included.

For a day out with the family or a holiday with the tribe, the land of Futuroscope has a wide choice of visits to zoos or educational farms and has many more in store for you. activities to do with children !

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