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For your holidays in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, you are looking for a family activity that combines history and fun ? Just 30 minutes from the Futuroscope park, discover the course of enigmas of the castle of Monthoiron and unlock the secret of its Tower-Fortress! Extend your stay by exploring the surrounding towns and villages.

Live great adventures with the riddle courses of the castle of Monthoiron!

The history of the castle of Monthoiron

As a family, solve the puzzles proposed by the castle of Monthoiron and discover the fascinating story of Leonardo da Vinci and the Tower-Fortress.

Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Renaissance painter


The history of the castle of Monthoiron is closely linked to that of Leonardo DeVinci.

It is the Tower-Fortress which makes this place famous today.

Built at the very beginning of the 16th centuryrd century, this square tower represents the unique contribution attributed to the Italian artist in France, best known for his paintings.

Forgotten for five centuries and considered an ordinary medieval ruin, it was reborn from its ashes at the end of the XNUMXth century.rd. Uncover the secrets of this discovery through various activities!

Leonardo's Treasure, the "Da-Vinci Code" for children

It seems that Leonardo da Vinci hid a treasure in the castle of Monthoiron! Go find it and get started a course of 20 puzzles around the Tower-Fortress to discover the precious grail.

Each puzzle is illustrated with characters from the “Leonard” comic strip. Suitable for both children and parents, this activity requires you to cooperate to decipher codes and secret messages.

To succeed in this challenge and earn the adventurer diploma, you will need to show a good dose of logic and reflection. In a good mood and dressed as in the Renaissance, the children discover the history of the building. Finish the adventure inside the tower and look up: a film about Leonardo da Vinci and the castle is projected on the dome.

The Secret of Karmanor, a journey to meet LEGO® animals

Are you looking for an activity in the Vienne for a young child? The castle of Monthoiron offers a real playful adventure of observation in the middle of nature! During 45 minutes, children from 3 years old turn into an elf to unravel the Secret of Karmanor and save the forest, prisoner of the fate of the evil magician.

All along this gigantic treasure hunt, discover the clues scattered in the park, in the shade of century-old trees.
Along the way, you come across unique and original creations in LEGO® bricks.

The impressive XXL mallard duck with over 85 pieces and over 000 meters in length is sure to impress for young and old alike!

Col Vert Duck in Lego in Monthoiron.©Tom LAMBERT – Agence Zebrelle

Easter and Halloween at the castle

Throughout the year, the site opens its gates to visitors to exceptional events to experience with the family! During the Easter holidays, come and enjoy the giant egg hunt in the estate and stay picnicking on site.

During the halloween night, the castle wakes up. Illuminated pumpkins, enchanted creatures and other nocturnal monsters await you to make you live spooky adventures!
In the programme : bewitching tales, a nocturnal guided tour and a chocolate witch soup to treat children in disguise.

Explore the surroundings of the castle of Monthoiron, rich in discoveries

During your visit to Monthoiron, extend your stay in the Vienne and take a detour through the surrounding towns and villages.

Châtellerault, with a rich industrial past

Located between the castles of the Loire and Futuroscope, Chatellerault fascinates history and architecture enthusiasts.

The city offers many tours to learn more about its rich industrial past. Let yourself be surprised by Châtellerault for a day by visiting the Blossac theater, Manu, former site of the Arms Manufacture as well as the Great Workshop, a museum dedicated to art and industry.

Angles-sur-l'Anglin, one of the most beautiful villages in France

Ranked among the Most Beautiful Villages of France, you will inevitably fall under the spell of this pretty village in the Vienne : Angles-sur-l'Anglin.

When you arrive, observe its hilltop fortress above the waters of the Anglin. Take the time to stroll through the upper town and discover its colorful and flowery medieval streets. From the lower town, from the bridge that crosses the river, admire the magnificent view of the castle and the mill.

To see the village and its surroundings from the waves, rent canoes.

Stroll through the streets of Angles sur l'Anglin©ACAP

Chauvigny, impressive medieval town

Perched on a hill, the medieval city of Chauvigny is one of “Most beautiful detours in France”.

Stroll through the narrow streets of this charming village and discover its rich historical heritage.
You can see the keep of Gouzon and the collegiate church of Saint-Pierre, dating from the 12th century.rd century as well as the Harcourt castle, built in the 13thrd. Animal lovers, opt for the grandiose spectacle of sky giants, at the castle of the Bishops.

Cenon-sur-Vienne, to discover the valley of the Vienne aboard an electric boat

Fancy a refreshing break in a bucolic setting near the Château de Monthoiron?

Meet at the mini-port of Cenon-sur-Vienne to share an unforgettable ride with your family exploring the valley of the Vienne ! For 2 hours, you will be the only masters aboard an electric boat traveling at 7 km/h.

Capture the beauty of the place and appreciate the fauna and flora around you.

Mini Port of Cenon©Pomme Verte – LibelLab

Poitiers, capital of Vienne

Chief town of the department of Vienne, Poitiers is an ideal city to visit for a day or a weekend.
The city is full of pretty places to discover. Start by visiting the hypercentre and lose yourself in the streets of the "Plateau". Don't miss City Hall, in Second Empire style, the majestic Romanesque church Our Lady the Great, the former residence of the Counts of Poitou-Dukes of Aquitaine et the charming half-timbered housess near the tourist office.

In summer, enjoy a walk in the countryside at Tison islet on the Clain. Rent a canoe and share a drink and a good meal with family or friends at the Guinguette Pictave .

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