Château de Montreuil-Bonnin: a family story

Living History

Paying activities
Castle of Montreuil-Bonnin ©Thomas JELINEK - Agence Zebrelle

Since 160 years, castle of Montreuil-Bonnin belongs to the family of Isabelle Dupont de Beaucorps. Restore, animate et share : this mission, which she describes as madness, with her husband, they endorsed it with the hope of leaving this emblematic monument to future generations. They tell you their story!

Immerse yourself in the history of the Château de Montreuil-Bonnin

At the top of the village, come and visit the castle of Montreuil-Bonnin which watches since the XIIIth century on its inhabitants and the Boivre Valley. witness to themedieval military architecture, the castle played a leading defensive and economic role, thePlantagenet era to that of Wars of Religion.
Over the centuries, the fortress has seen the passage of many illustrious people such as Richard Lion's Heart, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Saint Louis, Du Guesclin…

Every year, during European Days of Heritage, the Château celebrates its history with a great medieval festival open to all !

Castle of Montreuil-Bonnin©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

A project for the whole family

Today, Isabelle Dupont de Beaucorps is the owner and manager, with her husband Jérôme. A backup mission that she carries out full time. The family adventure began in 1862 with Pierre Ernest Chénier, ancestor of Isabelle. 150 years later, the couple inherited the site.

My parents entrusted us with the castle and the difficult mission of its preservation. Before accepting this adventure, we asked the opinion of our five children. It's a project, which requires time, money and which inevitably has an impact on them. And it's been 10 years that the family has invested in the maintenance of the castle. Everyone gets involved differently, depending on their skills: gardening, DIY, communication… there is always something to do!
Isabelle Dupont de Beaucorps
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Renovate and share

Isabelle Dupont is at the helm of this wonderful project, supported by her husband. “He is passionate, he has become an expert in knights and the history of the site! ". Listed as a historical monument in 1840, this endangered rural heritage has been undergoing a major renovation campaign since 2013.

After the medieval dwelling, the little house and its open barn, then the gatehouse, today it is the dungeon that is being renovated. “This site must remain a place of life, we do everything to share it and open it up. Thus, as a family, it is possible to rent the Renaissance dwelling.

I visit the castle
Castle of Montreuil-Bonnin©Thomas JELINEK – Agence Zebrelle

Before or after your visit, take the opportunity to conquer the Upper Poitou and taste wines, cheeses, ducks, jams, beer, oil during a gourmet road trip.