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Don't miss out on discovering the village of Les Ormes and its historical treasures. Treat yourself to an immersion in the Age of Enlightenment with its castle with its glorious past, its church with its very particular style and its majestic Poste aux Chevaux. This town not far from Châtellerault is the ideal place for a family visit or a wedding!

A small town with great wealth

The town of Les Ormes is located north of the Vienne, less than 30 minutes from Chatellerault and 1 hour from Poitiers. It is known for its unique architectural ensemble of an unavoidable historical richness. It owes its expansion to the Comte d'Argenton, Louis XV's Secretary of State for War, before he fell into disgrace.

The installation in the castle of this high society family attracted illustrious visitors. If the walls of this family home could talk, they would bear witness to evenings spent in the company of important advisers to the king and world-famous artists and members of the Encyclopédie, such as Voltaire.

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The elegant Château des Ormes and its illustrious past

The Château des Ormes has undergone several reconstructions following the ambitions of its famous architects.

The life of the castle over the centuries

It was in 1729 that the original building benefits from a remarkable evolution thanks to its new owner, Count Marc Pierre de Voyer d'Argenson. As soon as they arrived, the family undertook numerous works to make this castle a prestigious main residence. The building then experienced several reconstruction episodes, including 2 large-scale, led by renowned architects such as Charles de Wailly and Alfred Coulomb.
Nowadays, the Domaine des Ormes opens its doors for public visits and during wedding ceremonies.

The richness of its apartments

From the entrance, a large vestibule and its superb staircase welcome you in a refined atmosphere. Let yourself be charmed by the gallery over 60 meters long, the lounges adorned with woodwork and the stucco and marble dining room. Finish your exploration with the huge kitchen and its authentic 5-burner stove.

The place houses permanent collections, testimonies of the passions of its former owner. You can thus observe the herbarium of the Marquis d'Argenton or even a set of century-old ironwork.

Its gardens faithful to the French tradition

Outside the building, walk the paths of the French garden, faithfully recreated according to the plans of the time. Find among the constructions of the property, an icehouse dating from the 18th centuryrd and XIXrd centuries, as well as a boat classified as a historic monument and exhibited in the adjoining farm. Even more surprising, discover a building housing an old power station from the beginning of the 20th century.rd century.

A dream location for a prestigious wedding

Do you want to unite in a fairy tale setting? The property opens its gates to receive lovers and their guests during their wedding celebration. 3 ceremonial lounges are available to you.

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Exceptional buildings for a majestic castle

Around the Château des Ormes, get to know the estate and its impressive preserved buildings.

A relay worthy of a palace for the illustrious Poste aux Chevaux

When in 1744 Count d'Argenson won the title of Superintendent of Posts, he fixed the route of the Paris-Bordeaux road. Wanting to highlight his village, he decided to establish in the center of the town an important Horse Post. This large-scale project will finally see the light of day in 1764.

This relay is considered one of the most remarkable in France both for its architecture and its splendour. Visit this place classified as a historic monument and immerse yourself in the story of this institution through the exhibition produced in collaboration with the Musée de la Poste in Paris. Since 2008, the relay invites you to vibrate to the rhythm of concerts, between jazz and chamber music.

The two lives of the church of Les Ormes

In the village of Les Ormes, 2 religious buildings have succeeded each other in the same location.

The first church owes its conception in 1655 to Antoine Martin Pussort, then adviser to the King of France and whose heart rests in the vault. It was following the fatal fall of its beadle in 1890, due to the state of disrepair of the premises, that the decision to erect a new building was taken.

The project gives birth to the current place of worship, whose neo-Byzantine style disconcerts the inhabitants of the time. The new building was consecrated in 1896. Remains of the old chapel remain, such as the bas-relief in alabaster placed on the altar and representing the entombment.

Do not miss these discoveries during your visit to the Château des Ormes

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Whether you are passing through for a day, or on an extended vacation, don't miss out on discovering with your family the unsuspected riches of the Château des Ormes and in its surroundings.