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Family bouldering at The Roof in Poitiers ©Amelie_R._Photographies_-_Pomme_Verte
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Today we follow the Rousseau family: wanting to discover a new family activity, she decided to go to The Roof à Poitiers. On site, the team invites them to try out the “Family bouldering” workshop. The pluses: it is also suitable for children and is one of the “ Expériences famille " of the Vienne ! Hugo tells how they took up this challenge.

1, 2, 3… Ready? Climb!

Hi, I'm Hugo and I'm 11 years old! With my parents and my twin sister, the four of us wanted to take up a new challenge: climb without a rope, neither harness a climbing wall ! With my sister Émilie, we were a little scared when we entered the room with the different courses because the place was huge. We didn't know where to turn and the walls seemed so high!

Family bouldering at The Roof in Poitiers©Amelie_R._Photographies – Pomme_Verte
leaf stroke - Tourism Vienne

Our instructor Mathieu first explained to us a few simple safety rules and reassured us by specifying that the walls do not go beyond 4m50 and that the mat on the floor was there in case of a fall. Mathieu also helped us choose the easiest course for each of us to have as much fun as possible. He stayed with us for about an hour showing us the right techniques and accompanying us on our first course. Then he let us enjoy between us.

Family bouldering at The Roof in Poitiers©Amelie_R._Photographies_-_Pomme_Verte

Last one up loses!

This is where the real challenge began : who would be the best and the fastest of us 4? The bets were on! Everyone therefore chose a difficulty by writing it down on a piece of paper and we drew lots for the one on which we would time ourselves. And of course, the last would have a pledge !

Neither one nor two, I rushed first to attack the chosen route: number 4. I climb methodically and I grab the holds: right hand, left foot, left hand, right foot, … Everyone encourages me from below. 8:30 shows mum's digital watch when I finally reach the top of the wall. I then give way to Emilie and then to my parents. It seems like dad is purposely taking as long as possible when his turn comes around as if he wants to lose… Too bad for him, he will have to offer us a snack !

After the effort, the comfort

Now is the time to snack a little. It doesn't seem like climbing, it digs! Head to the bar where we find ourselves faced with a large choice of sweets, I don't know what to choose! I finally opt for a classic pain au chocolat and a glass of fresh fruit juice. And to end our afternoon with the family, we also test the other activities on site : Mum and Émilie play a few games of ping-pong, and Dad and I are replaying the World Cup at table football! Others around us also play board games made available by The Roof.

In short, our Saturday was filled with discoveries, challenges met with flying colors but also and above all incredible family moments and lots of laughs. It was really too good and I think that the four of us will come back more often to repeat this experience.

If, like Hugo, you love those out-of-the-ordinary moments where family cohesion is key, find other suggestions for activities and experiences with the Expériences famille or with Tèrra Aventura. Also remember to consult our accommodation near Poitiers.

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