Nobility and Decline at Chéneché

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Nobility and decline at Chéneché ©Amelie R. Photographies - Pomme Verte
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Looking for a fun ride? Go with the family in search of the lost documents of Gaultier, heir to Chéneché! He needs your help to overcome the challenges that have stood in his way. You want to know more ? Let's discreetly follow the Laurent family to discover this outdoor adventure game belonging to the brand's network " Expériences Famille ».

Will you be up to it?

"It's okay, is everyone here? Hurry Anne-Hélène is waiting for us to give us the brief! I thus gathered my troop who had agreed to follow me for this new adventure. Who am I ? Géraldine, the mother of the Laurent family. And today with my two children, we traveled to Chéneché to solve the mystery of Gaultier's lost documents.

Anne-Hélène therefore attacks her brief by explaining to us that heart of the XVnd century Gaultier, heir to Chéneché was dispossessed of his property by the terrible Gilles de Rais. But Gaultier, to protect himself, concealed somewhere in the village documents proving his rights which were never discovered! We must therefore walk the streets and paths of Chéneché in his footsteps to update some little-known pieces of history and heritage of this small village.

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Once the explanations are done, we are over-motivated and learn about the tools that Anne-Hélène left us: a map, puzzles, something to take notes, a compass, … the complete kit of the good investigator ! The organizer's last sentence sticks in our minds “Will you be up to this challenge? »

In search of lost documents

The answer is obvious to us: of course! So here we go to the place of first challenge. We cross the village to arrive in front of a tower and grab the tools at our disposal. The children take out of the bag a small parchment on which is noted a text with holes that we must complete to access the next clue. My detective apprentices take care of it in less than three minutes, retrieve the new location clue and we are off to the surrounding forest for the next puzzle.

Nobility and decline at Chéneché©Amelie R. Photographies – Pomme Verte

The surroundings are beautiful and relaxing, this allows the children to slow down the pace a little to enjoy it a little. We are moving quickly despite some difficulties for the children on certain issues. A bit like an escape game, these are also very varied: padlock to open, code with numbers or letters to decipher, texts with holes, charades, ...

Children really enjoy putting their skills to the test. They make me laugh a lot with their bickering but the atmosphere remains very good-natured and above all highlights their ability to help each other and work together to find the treasure.

After crossing forest, fields, bridges and other alleys, we return to the center of the village to the ultimate riddle. It's the moment of truth for us when we get there: have our clues led us to the right place? Are we going to find the cache of these documents kept secret until then?
The answer is yes ! After a few minutes, we manage to open the last padlock and extract the documents from their hiding place. The victory is therefore ours! Gaultier would be proud of us after all these centuries of finally restoring his legacy!

Anne-Hélène arrives to congratulate us and asks us to keep these documents carefully because there are no other copies. We still make the decision to let them hide. If the descendants of Gaultier viennent question us, we will give them the location of the cache but in the meantime they will stay warm. And with us, the secret will remain well kept!

Another excellent moment shared by all three, the children are already asking me what our next investigation will be so much they liked to get caught up in the game. So no doubt, we will at least recommend this one to us!

Nobility and decline at Chéneché©Amelie R. Photographies – Pomme Verte

If, like Géraldine and her family, you love those moments when successful family cohesion is key, find other suggestions for activities and experiences with the Expériences Famille or the game of geocaching Tèrra Aventura. 

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