The Domaine de Roiffe, an enchanted parenthesis in the Vienne

Family golf at Domaine de Roiffé ©Amelie_R._Photographies - Pomme_Verte
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Our Traveling Hearts tell us about their enchanted parenthesis in the Vienne, during their stay at Domaine de Roiffe. A thrilling story!

The adventure never stops when it comes to providing my family with Expériences Famille memorable. After the discovery of La Baudo nearly Poitiers, we headed north of the Vienne to discover the Domaine de Roiffe, exceptional site that our mother-daughter duo had a hard time leaving! Autumn has this special magic of transforming each landscape into a living painting. So taking advantage of the school holidays, I put my suitcase down for a few days at the Domaine de Roiffe. I let myself be lulled alongside Margot by the beauty of the place and the host of family activities to share. To anyone looking for Authentic family experiences and rich in discoveries, follow me on this unforgettable autumn adventure in the heart of the Vienne ! 

The Domaine de Roiffe, a green setting in the Vienne 

I can still see Margot's amazed eyes when we took our first steps Domaine de Roiffe. It must be said that the main aisle is sure to impress. THE bicentennial trees are absolutely beautiful, “It looks like the king's alley! “, my little traveler whispers to me. And it’s true that the Domaine de Roiffe is immense. Whatever the season, it is a place of wonder because you quickly want to explore every corner. Nestled in a green setting, I let you imagine what 120 hectare wooded park, enough to make you dizzy. As someone who loves the great outdoors, I think I felt exactly where I was supposed to be. 

For the little anecdote, this historic estate is a former reformatory which has been rehabilitated in hotel and more. In these ancient stone buildings, we find a clever mix ofauthenticity and modernity, this is the winning combination that made our hearts flutter. I found there the comfort and well-being that I look for when I travel with my family.  

Expériences Famille : reconnect in the Vienne

At Domaine de Roiffé, it’s not just the beauty of the place that struck me. It is also a heartwarming welcome upon our arrival and a caring team to ensure that we had a great time. When I look at my daughter who is sparkling with enthusiasm, I tell myself that we really felt like at home ! Far from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the Domaine de Roiffé offered us this well-deserved break. You know this little cocoon which does us so much good and which allows us to reconnect. This is the opportunity I have been waiting for, to refocus on the essential: finding myself with those who are dear to me.  

To tell you the truth, my family adventure at Domaine de Roiffe was filled withemotions and discoveries. When I told Margot our next destination, she immediately started imagining all the activities we could share together.  

The Domaine de Roiffe a life-size playground in the Vienne 

Cis where the Expériences Famille appear like the cherries on the cake! They offer a life-size playground where each activity, each experience is designed to bring us closer together. THE Expériences Famille devienneThere are then intense moments of sharing, of laughter and complicity : something really special! And I can assure you that Margot’s curiosity was at its peak! By exploring the estate, we were able to escape, dream, but above all find ourselves. The Domaine de Roiffe conceals many treasures, what if you went with me to discover them?  

Learn about golf in the Vienne

I admit, before this escapade in the Vienne, golf and me, it was an unknown world. For me, golf has long been a closed environment and aimed at an elite. It is clear that things have changed somewhat, put an end to preconceived ideas! In truth, there is no need to belong to a club, you can get started with golf easily. It's even one of Expériences Famille to share in the Vienne. It didn't take long to arouse Margot's curiosity; the desire to discover this sport, as elegant as it was strategic, was stronger than anything. And in all honesty, what better place than Domaine de Roiffe for the first time? 

An original activity guided by a professional 

As soon as we arrived on the green, we were welcomed by Jean-Marc, the pro from Domaine de Roiffé. With his contagious smile and his unparalleled pedagogy, he quickly reassured us: “No pressure here! Golf is, above all, about having fun.”And I confirm, he is absolutely right. So we were in good hands! 

The first steps on the green are magical. With her legendary enthusiasm, Margot leads the dance, visibly eager to play the club. That day, the rain did not spoil our fun. Well sheltered under the driving range, the conditions are almost optimal for our Initiation family golf. I observe my little golfer and her ultra-concentrated look during this workout. Attentive to each instruction, I observe him trying to imitate Jean-Marc's perfect posture.

As for me, I discovered the unique sensation of hitting a ball and seeing it fly into the air (certainly after a few bullets lost in the scenery!). In reality, each swing is a new experience, a new discovery. I'm surprised that we each really enjoy ourselves in record time.. 

Golf at Domaine de Roiffe©Nos Cœurs Voyageurs

After an hour, our infernal duo still learned the basics: how to hold the club correctly, how to adjust their posture and make the movement more fluid. Each of us readjusts the gesture while having fun with undisguised pride, we must admit! And the result is astonishing! If you are a novice like us, this golf initiation course at Domaine de Roiffe is ideal. We have fun challenging ourselves, staying concentrateé et on handy this "Expériences Famille" in an absolutely magnificent setting, greenery and nothing else! 

An ideal sport for the whole family 

What struck me the most was the unique bond that was created between Margot and me during this activity.Expériences famille”. Between the encouragement, the laughter and the little challenges we threw ourselves, it was much more than a simple lesson in golf. It was a mother-daughter moment full of complicity that I will never forget. At the end of the day, even though our swings were far from perfect, our hearts were celebrating. And one thing is certain: golf now has a special place in our family adventures! 

Spa for two, like a bubble of softness 

After the excitement of our introduction to golf, nothing like a calming stopover at the Domaine de Roiffe spa to relax and take care of yourself. When I was offered to share a mother-daughter duo massage, I didn't hesitate for a single second. Especially since it was a first for both of us. But I must admit that for my daughter, this new family activity was surrounded by a certain apprehension: “What if it tickles, mom?“, she asked me with wide eyes. Actually, I hadn't thought about it.  

Massage at Domaine de Roiffe Agence Zebrelle Thomas JELINEK 11564 - Tourism Vienne©Thomas Jelinek – Agence Zebrelle

The family “well-being” experience in the Vienne  

In the spa, every detail seems to have been thought of promote relaxation. Sweet melodies and captivating scents have an immediate effect. Quickly, Margot already seems less worried, absorbed by the magic of the place and the act of whispering. In expert hands, know-how and gentleness put us at ease from the first moment. I, who am in perpetual movement, already feel the tension evaporating from my shoulders. With her eyes half-closed, Margot, to my great surprise, seems to let herself be carried away, letting out a few stifled laughs with each shiver. “It doesn’t tickle, it tickles pleasantly!”, she exclaims half-amused.  

An exclusive moment to enjoy with the family 

Obviously, this moment of sharing, I recommend it: it’s an experience to live at least once in your life. Coming out of this wellness activity, I feel very light with this rather divine impression of floating on a cloud. As for Margot, she has this radiant smile that I love so much and confides in me without filter:"It was really good, Mom. We should do this more often!"

We are definitely won over by the experience. How can you not agree with her? This family spa experience was a truly special moment, a moment just for us, like a bubble of sweetness that we wouldn't want to leave. 

Multiply Family Experiences at Domaine de Roiffe

The adventure with the Expériences Famille in the Vienne seems to have no limits. If you are looking for a family activity authentic, full of discoveries and emotions, the Domaine de Roiffe is an unmissable destination in the Vienne. For my part, I already know that I will return, because it is the kind of ideal place when you want to meet up with a tribe or friends! Nothing is more pleasant than being able to enjoy the activities on the spot and nature at your fingertips. Thanks to Expériences Famille, you are sure to experience exceptional moments whatever the season! 

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