Get ready for a sensory experience in the forest in the Vienne

Atypical experiences, Nature escape, Children love it

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©Thomas Jelinek - Agence-Zebrelle

Jardin Passion Nature takes you through the forest areas of the Vienne for a " forest bath »: a unique moment of calm and letting go. Let your senses be awakened by the activities offered by Bellinda and François. 

The sensory experience to share with the family

A forest: all the senses are awakened for this soothing walk. Only the creaking of footsteps on the ground and breathing are heard. Everything here invites meditation. You leave with an empty mind for a meditative stroll.
Bellinda and François set the scene: you are here to listen, observe, take the time to become one with nature. Each season, the experience is always as beautiful and unique.

During this walk, open your ears, your gaze. Take the time to contemplate, to marvel.

You rediscover with your family the very particular smells: moss, leaves, flowers, mushrooms, but also the sounds: birds, creaks, wind, wild animals lurking in the shade. The observation of trees intrigues you: you feel tiny at their feet, but you feel their energy for sure.

Comes the moment of playful activities, this intergenerational exchange strengthens family ties. Feel the energy of the trees, create sculptures with what the forest offers you, observe from a different point of view.

The benefits of time spent in nature are real and you are already feeling them! You feel soothed, your children are calmer and marvel at the little details. They are already asking you “When are we starting again? ".

Mom…I think the tree is alive!
Yes my darling, it uses the energy of the earth to grow and give this magnificent foliage.

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