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Family Experience: Who is this Knight at the Chateau de Ternay ©Thomas JELINEK - Agence Zebrelle
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Au Chateau de Ternay in the North of the Vienne, it's a real investigation that takes place with the family. Participate in a puzzle game to find the identity of a knight. He has lost his memory and no longer knows who he is. Guided with humor and fantasy by Loïc de Ternay, owner of the castle, let yourself be guided for an exciting visit.

The Château de Ternay at the heart of a fascinating investigation

Follow the adventure of a family on the road in the Vienne

On vacation in la Vienne For the past few days, we have been hoping with the children to find an activity to discover the Vienne on this beautiful summer afternoon. And it is found! Direction Ternay Castle !
We arrive in front of this magnificent castle and we are quickly welcomed by Loïc de Ternay, the owner. Children are very quickly interested in the history of the castle told with passion.

From the start of our visit, we were amazed by the magnificent inner courtyard and its beautiful sculpted facade. With a smile on our lips, eyes wide open, we continue this guided tour by going through the different rooms of the castle. We start with thethe furnished lounges, the kitchen and the guard room and we arrive in front this magnificent gothic chapel.

We are all won over by this visit and our heads are filled with stories and anecdotes! Our discovery of the castle continues! The children are all excited at the idea of ​​starting this new adventure, without knowing what awaits them! At the end of this guided tour, we participate in a puzzle game to find the identity of a knight.

"Who is this Knight?" ask the children.

A somewhat bizarre knight suddenly appears at the castle, he tells us that he has lost his memory and no longer knows who he is. One look is enough to understand that we will have to help him find his identity.
We go straight into the game and we try to solve the different puzzles. We travel through the castle and its mysterious underground passages to find the right answer. Children love it and jump for joy when a puzzle is solved. After 30 minutes ofmutual aid, reflection and laugh we finally find the right answer!

We have found his identity! We are all proud!

We end this day with the only desire to explore others « Expériences Famille » for the Vienne. We will be back, that's for sure!