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Hike Lama with Belle Anée in Jazeneuil ©Pomme-verte
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Today, we present to you an unusual walk: the " Lama'Rando ". The principle ? Walk the paths of the land of the Mélusine Fairy with the family accompanied by a llama. Estelle, the owner of these little-known animals, will be happy to give you her best advice for the occasion. Ready? So let's follow the Carré family who tested this activity stamped " Expériences Famille ».

In the footsteps of Melusine

Hello, I'm Margaux, I'm 8 years old and not very long ago, with my parents and my sister, we went on a very good little hike: the Lama'Rando. Come on, I'm taking you on board to tell you about my great memories.

As we were not staying too far for our holidays, We were looking for a nice way to discover the surroundings. After some research, Dad ended up suggesting, “Hey, would you like to see a llama?” ". At first we looked at it strangely with my sister Garance because we had never seen llamas in real life before. All we knew about it was that it spat when it was upset.

Then, after reflection, we said to him “why not?” It will give us a new experience! ". Neither one nor two, so we were off to Jazeneuil, a village a few kilometers from our campsite..

Hike Lama with Belle Anée in Jazeneuil©Pomme-verte

Estelle welcomed us very warmly and began to tell us about her animals: Tapioca and Snoopy. Once the safety instructions were presented, she left us with our guides for the day, to walk along a discovery trail in the village, who, it seems, would have seen the Fairy Mélusine, a local legend linked to the Round Table, passed by there.

Immersion in nature

Once gone, we observe a very green nature with lots of flowers and different trees and many things from afar like churches, or small shops on our way to the rhythm of our four-legged friends. This escapade finally takes us on paths that we would not have thought of without this beautiful walk. Dad and Mom had a lot of fun taking care of Tapioca and Garance and I of Snoopy. We spent our time covering them with caresses and hugs, they were so soft!

Hike Lama with Belle Anée in Jazeneuil©Pomme-verte

After two hour walk, it was time to stop for lunch by the water. So we tied up our two day-old llamas, as explained by Estelle, and enjoyed a well-deserved picnic.

The return was just as joyful, Tapioca and Snoopy being great traveling companions!

Once back at the starting point, we didn't really want to part with our new friends, but Mom and Dad told us several times that it was impossible for us to adopt them permanently. And that was very bad because with Garance, we had already built a whole plan thanks to the advice from Estelle at the start of the trip.

We knew how to feed them, give them a place where they would like to live by rearranging (just a little) our garden,… In short, we were extremely disappointed! But hey, it will be an opportunity to come back and see our friends during our next visit to the Vienne !

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