Marvel at the spectacle of the Giants of the sky of Chauvigny

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Open your eyes wide, the whole family will be amazed by this beautiful sight. In the middle of Chauvigny, the Sky Giants show takes us to the Middle Ages, within the framework of the castle of the Bishops. Have you ever dreamed of parrots, raptors, and other owls? Give it a try and learn more about this spectacle and its intrepid falconers!

The Giants of the Sky show at the Château des Evêques

In the heart of the upper town of Chauvigny, the show naturally found its place within the walls of the bishops castle, and its medieval amphitheater. From the entrance to the bleachers where the performance takes place, each space is occupied by aviaries. Welcome to the world of falconry!

The first notes of music are heard, the trainers enter the arena... The “real” stars will soon take over the place.

More than 100 birds to admire

From the smallest to the largest, from the most graceful to the most impressive, from the best known to the most confidential, in free flight, they provide the show for almost an hour. Falcons, owls, owls, vultures, storks or even parrots follow one another with a single objective: to impress you and make you look up.

Expect to be tousled both figuratively and literally! Some birds of prey fly so low that they will certainly brush your head... Other birds even go so far as to settle on caps or hats!
Turn around, there's a vulture walking between the rows of benches, put your legs away, the impressive specimen needs space to move around.

The magic of the human/bird relationship

Faced with such a spectacle, the staging of which evolves each year, one can only be amazed by the relationship between the trainers-keepers and the birds. A look, a gesture, a word, is enough for them to understand each other. After the performance, the trainers share with pleasure their passion for birds of prey and deliver the little secrets and character traits of their protégés.

For Simon Thuriet, falconer and owner of birds, it is in the quality of the human/animal relationship that everything depends on. Only the trainer can decide which animal is able to put on the show.

The Giants of the Sky in Chauvigny©Thomas-Jelinek – Agence-Zebrelle

The Giants of the Sky, it's not just a show

Simon is a lifelong enthusiast. He has no less than 220 birds. Only half are part of the cast of “Giants of the Sky”. The others enjoy a peaceful retirement, others are actors for television or cinema or participate in species conservation programs. Because if the show allows them to be presented, the the falconer's will is also to contribute to the protection of birds of prey, most of which are threatened.

A mission carried out through partnerships formed with around twenty other sites in France.

After the show, take advantage of some free time to visit the Château des Evêques and meet the birds up close. It almost feels like the Middle Ages!

To complete the visit, go for a sportier bike ride or canoeing on the Vienne. Without forgetting to stroll through the medieval city, looking for an artisanal ice cream or a crepe in one of the small restaurants with a medieval appearance.

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